10 Ways To Reduce High Blood Pressure At Home Naturally

10 Ways To Reduce High Blood Pressure At Home Naturally - My Geek Score
10 Ways To Reduce High Blood Pressure At Home Naturally - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: Blood pressure and high sugar are a common problem among people today. These two disorders don’t see age or experience. We all count on the diseases as a part of life which is not just harmful but is life threatening at any moment. All credit goes to our life style where we are becoming more and more modernized not just in our living but also in our food habits. Right from the beginning of the day we dig into some unusual food habits that are not really made for our body. Apart from that our living style is getting toxic day by day. Directly or indirectly they are destroying our health and increasing the bad cholesterol in our body.

Human being has always tried to make its life easy going, so for that we human beings just focus on money making. At the same time we are not making money for our luxury but for paying our medical bills.

Blood pressure beholds certain significant parameters in our body. It is measured in systolic and diastolic measures. The systolic pressure represents the pressure of the blood vessels when our heart beats. Whereas the diastolic represents the pressure of your blood vessels between the beats when heart is in resting condition.

Hyper tension or high blood pressure affects one third of the global population at any possible age. Directly or indirectly it would put an invitation to other risk factors for your health as like cardiovascular disorders, strokes, renal failures and even that or aneurysm formation. Looking to these factors we move to the hospital and bring back a long list of medication. These might lower the blood pressure but is that permanent solution? Medication is a necessary factor to decrease the chances but not to reduce the disorder.

Blood pressure can be controlled normally with proper care and diet. One can indeed follow some simple protocol in their living to live a healthy and fit life with having a proper control over their blood pressure.

Do Regular Exercise With focus More On The Lower Body

The abdominal fat is something that never sheds down fast. This takes a long time with reducing the belly fat. So it is always preferable to do moderate to heavy exercise and this would help with managing weight as well as would make your cardiac muscles strong with lowering the stress level. It’s a must to carry on moderate to heavy exercises at least for 2 hours in minimum. Apart from that, one can also go for aerobics like walking, jogging as well as dancing as a part of relaxation to keep heart healthy and generate proper blood supply. Most important is to maintain this as a regular and routine schedule of day to day living.

Reduce The Salt And Sugar Factor From Daily Life

It does happen that we crave for sugar and salty bites often. These might be tasty and reduce the stress of your palate. But are unhealthy enough to increase the stress level of your heart to effect on your body. As per research, with growing age our organs also grow old. It depends on the day these organs developed in our body. So it’s important that we must not put more pressure on the organs to make them tired before they age. More over salt and sugar are two components which must never be consumed in excess. They are rich in sodium and would also affect our cardiac cells. And when its sugar, it’s the complex carbohydrate which decreases the synthesis of insulin in our body. In other ways we can replace salt with spices, herbs and garlic to get natural taste in food and the refined sugar can be replaced with jagerry which is also a natural sweetener.

Add Potassium To Your Diet

It’s well understood that potassium increases the heart life. At the same time it also reduces the impact of sodium in body. Intake of potassium in diet would relax the cardiac muscles and release the tension of the blood vessels and arterial wall. This is a beneficial impact for lowering the blood pressure. Fruits like banana, water melon, musk melons, apricots, tomatoes and seasonal fruits contain potassium. Consume cheese cream, milk and homemade yogurt. Focus more on green leafy vegetables and sweet potatoes. Have good amount of kidney beans and crack on nuts and seeds. This can be a natural way to incorporate potassium on to your diet for controlling high blood pressure without medication.

Put A Full Stop On Alcohol Consumption

Some people say that red wine or beer sometimes is good for health. But the fact is these are also a kind of alcohol and are rich in sugar, always try to cut it down. These at any mean contain calories and sugar which are a major source to increase body fat and lead to weight gain. Over the time, this would contribute to increase your blood pressure.

Reframe Your Mind Set With YOGA

This is one of the best and traditional methods to stay fit and healthy. Not just the heart but the complete body is going to rejuvenate with this. Yoga is a complete frame work to revitalize the body cells with fresh oxygen that we consider as an integral part of our living system. One can perform yoga every morning with the sun rise and even in the evening. This would bring on freshness in mind as well. Yoga is a perfect stress extinguisher and would increase your body metabolism.

Follow A Healthy And Routine Life Style

Running behind day to day work and digging into an unhealthy food habit we all forget our life style. Life style does not mean to wear fashionable outfits or bear an international branded makeup. It’s the way we make our living and our body feel how significant it is. So always try to take proper sleep and timely food. Follow a proper diet rich in high fibre and high potassium diet which would maintain healthy heart as well as increase the metabolic rate.


This might sound new to some people, but it’s marked to be quite effective in many cases. This is created by experts looking forward to health conditions relating to high blood pressure. The diet focuses mostly on roughage, fruits, veggies, pulses and whole grains as well as low fat dietary products. This diet would encourage people to lower down sodium and increase the potassium level in body. At the same time it would help with losing weight. The diet has given a significantly positive response with setting a proper control on hyper tension.

Eat Dark Chocolate And Chocolate Drinks

Sometimes it happens that we feel stress free with consuming dark chocolates. This is thought to be psychology by certain people, but it’s true that dark chocolates are the ultimate stress reliever. These are derived from cocoa powder which is a heart healthy plant based compound. The compound is called flavonoid which is better to help with dilating the blood vessels that helps with lowering blood pressure. But don’t consume the dark chocolate with high sugar content. Always choose the dark chocolate with maximum of darkness and least of sugar in to it.


Berries are naturally available and are counted as super food. These are helpful with improving blood pressure as well as reducing risk of heart diseases. These can be blue berries, strawberries, black berries and many more locally and seasonally available berries. They are tasty and healthy to improve blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. These can be added to smoothies, milk shakes and can be consumed as the way you want. Even to reduce the hunger pangs, these can be carried in your bags to have it anytime and anywhere you want.

Stay Positive

With following the above, it’s also important to follow some naturally healing processes as well. It is must that we will face a lot of troubles in daily life. But at the same time, it is must that we should not take it to the extreme level into our mind. Blood pressure is the silent killer that doesn’t show any symptoms outside but would kill you any moment. So always try to avoid negative energy from your sides and stay positive. Try to do meditation and focus on what your basic needs are.

Blood pressure is always a matter of concern because every time you cannot carry a measuring machine to measure it. So it’s better to follow these noble steps and stay healthy, fit and fine and keep yourself away from the high blood pressure like disorders. For better living, always take a routine check-up of your blood pressure and sugar level after every 6 to 8 months.

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