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360 Total Security: How to Download, Login & Password Reset

Total Security 360 is a powerful security software to offer both home devices and businesses. The antivirus and system optimization solution is equipped with anti-ransom ware tools and cloud based engines that monitor system round the clock, the reason for which threat can be detected in real time.

It also provides with proper document protection features helpful for businesses. Further it also ensures that only the authorized individuals can access their documents.

How to download 360 Total Security

Installation and downloading the 360 total security software on windows and Mac system is quite easy. For the following first download the software file by visiting the official site. Before installation the downloading process starts with:-

  • First select the 360 total security downloadsoftware that suits your system operating system.
  • Then open the web browser on your system and then navigate to the 360 total security software web pages.
  • Now click the product tab and choose the software that you wish to install.
  • The tap on the download button. Once the selected software is downloaded successfully on the system, start the installation process by opening it.
  • Now double click the 360 security free download. Exe file to start the installation process.
  • Choose the language from the drop down menu and then click the install button.
  • Just wait for completion of how to install 360 total security processes.
  • Once it’s installed, utilize the 360 internet security software as needed.

The most important thing here is, the 360 total security download is free for all the users and if you are user for value added services like premium support might cost some extra charges.

How to create a 360 Total Security account

For creating a 360 total security account, first needed to create a central account.

  • So first go for sign up.
  • Next enter your email and password.
  • Click next the sign up.
  • Now verify the account. You will soon be sent with a verification link through email. Now check your email to click on “verify my email” button.
  • Then you will see a success message.
  • Next log into the central account.

This is possible with the central account ultimately called the 360 central. It’s a web based console for business admin. The following is used to deploy 360 total security businesses and manage the target devices.

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How to login to your 360 Total Security account

For signing into application

  • First open the 360 total security.
  • Then open 360 accounts.
  • Now enter your email/phone number and password.
  • And, click sign in.

For log into the account on web

  • First go to log in with email or login with the phone number.
  • Then enter your email or phone number and password.
  • Then click login.

But if you are not able to do 360 total security login, then try the following ways to find the possible reason and then solve it:

  • Check out your network connection.
  • Then check if you have entered the correct account and password or not. Do refer to “how to reset your password”. If forgot to do it.

What to do If you forgot your password of 360 Total Security

Manage the protocol of 360 total security password forgot process, in case you didn’t remember the password:

  • First go to forgot password.
  • Enter the email address/ phone number that you used to create the account.
  • For verifying your email/phone number, then you will be sent an email or SMS message with a code. Then enter the verification code in the provided field then click verify.
  • You will see the message that says your attempt to reset password is successful.

But if have remembered your password, but you would like to change:

  • Go to the security.
  • Then click change password.
  • Then enter the email address/ phone number that is used to create the account.
  • For verification of the email or phone number. An email/message will be sent with a code. Then enter the verification code in the field provided and then click verify.
  • Then you will see a success message.

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