Bitdefender Error “1002 Update Failed” In Windows 10 [Solved]

Bitdefender Error “1002 Update Failed” In Windows 10 [Solved] - My Geek Score

If you have Bitdefender downloaded to your system then you have no stress to face any virus in your system. Bitdefender stands to be among the renowned antivirus from the best of cyber security Software Company. It deals with excelling product range like security software’s, antivirus software and many other advanced software and security services.

But the most prominent talk of the day is about the Bitdefender error 1002. It’s because of the DNS problem which arose due to software update. Now what is the error all about and how is it affecting your system software is all below to be explained.

How to fix Bitdefender error “1002 update failed” in Windows 10

 Troubleshooting the Bitdefender antivirus error 1002can be solved with working on proper subjective and its must that you should go through the details and understand what and how it happen. So it’s important that you should update the registry entries that relates to Bitdefender antivirus error 1002.

1. Updating the complete Windows updates

If you find any update available for your system files due to this error code. The users also might faceBitdefender update failed 1002 error code which is troublesome. So it’s a requirement that you must update your system for the antivirus frequently to avoid such unusual errors. So just follow these needful steps to do so.

  • Move to the start menu.
  • Next type update and then a windows update dialog box will appear.
  • Next click on install updates if any of the update option is available.

Still if you are facing any trouble, then just stay connected to the support who will guide you properly with proper solution to Bitdefender antivirus free update failed error 1002.

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2. Reinstallation of Bitdefender antivirus

When you are working on the system, its must that you should delete your temporary files. Else while updating the files and even the Bitdefender you might get your system crashed.

The reason behind that is over accumulation of these files would lead to the basic error calledBitdefender antivirus error 1002. Then it’s better to reinstall the Bitdefender and before that do try to uninstall the existing one which will help with resolving the error code 1002 better. So for this follow the protocol below:-

  • First go to the start menu and then open the program and featured section.
  • Next select the Bitdefender antivirus from the list of installed program.
  • Now click on uninstall option and after the un-installation process gets completed. Do reinstall the software.
  • Now open the process of re-installation and follow it.

Now this might set your system free from the Bitdefender 1002 update error. With this you must also remember that the system needs to be cleaned up regularly.

Every day we upload varieties of software and there are even lots of sites with ads and cookies which create problem for the system hardware and software’s.

So it’s must that before starting your laptop or computer, you must run the disk clean up and fix up these junk files to reduce the disk space which would help avoid these errors.

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