How To Fix Facebook Photos/Videos Not Loading On iPhone

How To Fix Facebook PhotosVideos Not Loading On iPhone - My Geek Score

We all peep into Facebook when we think for some relaxation while working. It gives a different pleasure to upload our photos and videos of what we are doing and of celebrations on Facebook. But what if the Facebook pictures not loading on iPhone or the Facebook videos not loading on iPhone. This signifies of trouble loading on the following that reduces your activeness in the social media.

So here comes some best of ways to solve such issues;-

Check out if your internet is working or not

This is one of the common issues that happen while we load photos and videos on Facebook. So it’s must that we check out the internet. Rather before connecting to Facebook, first on the iPhone ensure the connectivity enabled from the control centre. The mobile data must be strong to enable the applicability for the Facebook app. For this open the settings app on iPhone and then scroll down. Enable the mobile data from the menu. Check out the notification bar and enable the Wi- Fi or the data on the mobile. Then again try loading the pictures and videos on Facebook.

If the admin have removed the pictures

It happen sometimes that admin of the group have removed the pictures that one tries to view on Facebook. In this case, there is no chance that the Facebook is going to load the picture. So you need to contact the admin and request them for the picture that you are looking to upload.

There might be some copyright issue

Have you ever thought if the admin copy the image/video from the unlicensed source? So in this case there need to be a complain being launched from the original owner. Then Facebook will ask the admin to remove the image/video. It also happens in certain cases that the company goes ahead and removes the pictures without any confirmation.  This can be because of the copyright issues which have leaded the company to remove that from social network.

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Check out the Facebook services status

Recently Facebook suffered with a huge outrage globally. So to avoid such unusual circumstances, users can download the down detector as well as search for Facebook. Then if you notice heavy spikes of outrage, then it’s confirmed that the users are facing same problem. One can also reconfirm the issue from other social media sites like Twitter. So it’s preferable to wait for the Facebook to solve the issue from their end. The user will just be able to view pictures from the Facebook feed.

Update the Facebook app

Are you among those using an out-dated Facebook that is inbuilt on iPhone? Then the above factors of misleading photos and videos on iPhone are must. To avoid that, you need to open the app store, and then update the Facebook app to the latest version.

These above processes are truly helpful with resolving the issues. So follow these and enjoy stress free surfing to upload your photos and videos on Facebook easily. Other than these, if the Facebook is taking long time to upload pictures and videos on iPhone, then force close all the application and then restart the phone. This can be also done by force rebooting the iPhone and refresh the iPhone system which gradually increase the speed of the device.

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