“Google Warning Against Sharing Personal Information With Bard”




Google Bard Data Privacy Risk:

Tech giant Google has launched its Artificial Intelligent (AI) chatbot Google Bard at its annual I/O event. Along with launching Bard, Google has also given some warnings related to its use. In accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Bard Services, Google warns users not to share personal information with Bard. Google says that Bard collects personal data of users. In such a situation, there is a danger of leaking any sensitive information.

Google says that Bard is just an experiment and that it “may give incorrect or inappropriate responses” in some cases. Since this is an experiment, Google wants people to share their feedback and collect data to help improve the service. Bard stores data from Google users’ accounts for 18 months by default. Before you start using Bard, you should be aware of certain precautions.

Don’t trust the bard for these things:
Google has also explained what users should not rely on Bard for. It states that people should not rely on Bard’s responses as medical, legal, financial or other professional advice. Google warned that sharing any kind of confidential or sensitive information in bard conversations should also be avoided. Apart from this, Google also advised that users should avoid leaving any such signal which helps in identifying a person.

How to delete chat data from Bard?
Google Bard gives users the option to manage their data. People can stop their bard activity anytime and can remove bard activity from registered account. For this one has to go to “myactivity.google.com/product/bard”.
If users do not wish to manually delete data from their Google Account, they must turn off auto-delete or change the auto-delete option to 3 or 36 months. Google says that even if you turn off Bard Activity, your conversations will be saved for a short period of time to provide service and feedback.

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