Hayu App Not Working On Smart TV [Fixed]

Hayu App Not Working On Smart TV [Fixed] - My Geek Score
Hayu App Not Working On Smart TV [Fixed] - My Geek Score

Geek Score: In this world of modern technology, humans are not only the smart ones. Every gadget has its smart version, including the TV also. Sometimes smart things also do some unsmart work, like you may face playing issues with the Hayu app on Smart TV as every problem has its solution, so you can also fix this problem.

How to fix the Hayu app on Smart TV

Before entering the section on problem and solution, here is short information about Hayu. It is the app that streams hundreds of favourite reality TV shows, and people can watch thousands of episodes on demand and on any device. People can watch shows on the same day as they come out in the US. Not only that, the TV shows can be downloaded so people can watch them later. All these attractive facilities are available within the Hayu app. To avail of these attractive facilities, you only have to subscribe to this app and get the free tile. After you sign up, just pair your device with this application and start watching your favourite.

Now get to the main point. What if you cannot play anything with Hayu app on your Smart TV. Then you should follow these steps:

Update the software

Every software needs a proper update in monthly or quarterly intervals to perform well. If you found any playback issues in Hayu app, update your Smart TV software or the app. Maybe your problem will be solved.

Re-install the Hayu app

When you find that the app does not work properly on your Smart TV, just uninstall the app from your device. Then restart the device and close any background app. After that, reinstall the app from App Store. Any show to see the problem is solved or not.

Problem with Safari Browser

If you are using the Safari browser, you may follow some steps to resolve the playback issues.

  1. Navigate to the hayu app in safari.
  2. Then go to the main Safari menu and select settings for this website.
  3. Then you can see an option for autoplay and allow it.
  4. Then lastly, load any video and play.

Problem with Google Chrome Browser

Google is a widely used browser engine. If you face issues playing the Hayu app through Google, the following steps will help you resolve it.

  1. Open the setting option in the Google Chrome browser.
  2. From the setting, choose the default browser and go with it ahead.
  3. Then choose the advanced option that will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Last scroll down to the system and switch ‘use hardware acceleration when available’ to off.

If any problem arises with the device, just stay calm and try to find the solution.Hopefully,the procedures mentioned above are highly helpful for you. So just kick out your worries and follow the above tips. Do not delay in making your intelligent TV work in a very smarter way with the methodology mentioned above.

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