How Do I Update My Magellan GPS Software For Free

How Do I Update My Magellan GPS Software For Free - My Geek Score

Are you a traveller and is still boggling for your travelling path. So now you can enjoy your every single ride with the Magellan GPS. This is an active GPS service which is best for the business travellers in which they take help of GPS unit.

Moreover the GPS device stands to be quite reliable as the data stored in them can be updated regularly. The following can be updated through the help of free software program available on the Magellan website. Some of the Magellan software updates and minor map upgrades can easily be obtained free of cost.

GPS Support

If you are thinking to move on with Magellan software update, then go through the support’s number and they will surely make it on time. There are lots of features being added to the new updates and you can get the updates as well as travel worry free. So just ensure to have the latest map updates and that will help you ensure that you don’t have to think about reaching the destination on time.

It’s for sure that you will be always ahead of the traffic. So with the life time map updates, your GPS device will always be with the latest of map updates and this is also pocket friendly to use for long run. Even you are going to reach your destination through the most efficient routes to save fuel easily and efficiently.

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How to update Magellan GPS for free

The Magellan website is offering with free software updates for some of its units. But most of the map needs to be updated. The perks for it are quite high especially the quarterly map updates. In addition to these, the magellan is available with 4 and the device has 3 inch screen, spoken street name and even the highway lane assist.

  • Move to the Magellan website and then navigate to the “support” tab. Then select “manuals & software updates”.
  • Now select the product from the drop down menus in the bottom right box. Under “my Magellan is”. Select “Magellan road mate series”. Under the “select a model”. Choose the desired model. And then hit submit.
  • Now choose whether you would like to update the device’s software or maps. For the software, click the link under” updates. Next click “I want to download this update”. Then log in to your Magellan account, or even create a new one. Now click “download now”, then save the update to your computer when it’s prompted.
  • Now open the software update file when the download completes. Then next “click on next” twice, now turn on the Magellan GPS and connect it to the computer with the USB cable. Now click “continue” in the windows signature box, if it appears. Next click “next” and the update begins to install on the device. Then click “finish” when the update is completed.
  • Now click in the link under “upgrades and maps” to purchase the latest of map updates. Then click “add to cart” and then proceed to check out. Now enter your billing and shipping information to complete the order. Then Magellan will get you mailed with the update on the SD card.

To connect the Magellan GPS to My Computer, go to the SmartGPS Eco and then login. Now to update the tab, click on “update” tab. Then if you can see the map update notification, just click “download”.

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