How to change the home page of Safari on Mac, iPhone or iPad

How You Can Change Safari Homepage on Your iPhone

The Safari home page is the reference page of our browser. We can see it every time we open Safari or every time we touch its corresponding button.

The steps are very simple:

  • We open Safari.
  • In the “Safari” menu, we choose “Preferences …”
  • We go to the “General” tab that is in the upper left.
  • In the section “Home page” we write the address that we want. If we are viewing the page, we can choose “Use the current page.”

How to view the home page

  • There are several ways to view the home page:
  • We click on the “History” menu and choose “Start.”
  • We press Command (⌘) + Shift (⇧) + H

And, in addition, we can also configure Safari to open the new windows and tabs with the home page.

  • We open Safari.
  • In the ‘Safari” menu, we choose ‘Preferences …’
  • We go to the ‘General’ tab.
  • In ‘Open new windows with:’ and/or in ‘Open new tabs with:’ we choose “Home page.”
  • From now on, either automatically when opening new tabs or windows or with a
  • simple keyboard shortcut, we can easily access our favorite page.

How to change the home page of Safari on our iPhone or iPad

Safari on iOS, the operating system of the iPhone and iPad, behaves differently than on Mac. Although we cannot define a home page, we can add it to our device’s main screen as if it were just another app. In this way, only by touching said icon will Safari open with our designated page. The steps are the following:

  • We open Safari on our iPhone or iPad.
  • We access the page we want to use.
  • We touch the share button (a square with an up arrow).
  • We choose “Add to the home screen.”
  • We choose a name.
  • We touch Add.

We can always use Safari bookmarks to access the various web pages, but the home page system will always be the fastest and most comfortable. While you may not think much about what your home page is in Safari, this may be the most practical way to see your favorite site first. Every time you open Safari, you can visit the website you like the most or press the start button. Maybe it’s your favorite news source, your most trusted weather site, or your favorite tech site, To make sure you get to your favorite website every day, here’s how to change your Safari home page on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Change your Safari home page on Mac.

Open Safari on your Mac and then follow these steps to change your home page.

  • 1) Click Safari, then select the Preferences from the menu bar.
  • 2) Choose the General tab.
  • 3) In the box next to the Home page, enter the URL of the website you want. If you are currently visiting the site, click the Set Current Page button. This will change that URL.

Set your home page for new windows and tabs

By making that change above, every time you click the Home button on your toolbar or History > Home from the menu bar, you will land on that page. But you can configure it so that when you open a new Safari window or tab, you go directly to that page as well. In the same Safari Preferences window, above the Home page, you will see the options for New windows open with and New tabs open with. You can click the drop-down box and choose the Home page for both or just one.

Set home page New window and tabs Safari Mac

For something out of the ordinary, you can also set a picture as your Safari home page on Mac. Then you can see your adorable pet, favorite vacation spot, or loving family when you open Safari.
Change your Safari home page on iPhone and iPad. Currently, iOS is not as simple as Mac. There is no homepage setting in Safari for iPhone and iPad. But there is a solution that you can use to always open Safari with your favorite page. You will do this by creating a shortcut on your home screen, and here we show you how.

  • 1) Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad and go to your site.
  • 2) Tap on the Share button at the bottom.
  • 3) Select Add to the main screen.
  • 4) Name your shortcut and tap Add.
  • When you want to open Safari on that “Home Page,” tap on its shortcut. Add to Safari Home Screen iPhone Home Page.

Note: If a website you use opens in reader or mobile mode, you may not see the regular Safari options (tabs, bookmarks, etc.). Before performing the steps above, select the Share button > Request a desk location. Then follow the instructions to add it to your home screen.

Wrapping it up
You can always use the Favorites feature in Safari to quickly access the sites you like the most. But setting your home page gets you to your favorite website faster.

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