How To Drive Traffic To Your Website For Free

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website For Free - My Geek Score

Organic traffic is concerned to free website traffic that directly has evolved from search engines. These are the first priority for online businesses and for the bloggers since they are quite converting and are helpful in improving the authority as well as website presence.

They are really not to just help in increase earning at the same time they help with building better community as well as distribution.

Even there are quite creative ways to increase website visitors. But if this continues with the flow of traffic then it’s just to move on ahead that would help with improving the trust of the website, authority as well as presence.

There are good numbers of tips to generate website traffic and you will also be guided on how to drive free traffic to your website.

How to increase Organic Traffic on Website

Those interested to groom organic traffic to build successful online businesses can follow these steps. Even these steps are helpful to create an authority website as well as to increase online presence. There will be a need for sustainable visitors. The best way to get sustainable and consistent visitors and readers are through an organic search engine.

  1. Using better keywords to generate free website traffic

For those planning to write SEO articles that rank good on the SERP then would need to use and implement LSI and even the long-tail keywords to the posts.

These strong and better keywords are basically a combination of words that you can think of as phrases with minimum competition.

They are also considered a quite reachable resource that is easy and effective to rank. The reason for that is less number of website that tries to rank for them.

So to find out such keywords, you can use the Google ad word suggestion to the tool or even can consider using premium research tools like market samurai and many more. Those interested in free stuff can use the keyword tool by Google.

This will help with finding related key phrases and their global and local search volume and will let you determine the competition level.

What to do

  • For this, try to use the targeted phrase as the headline.
  • Using it within the first and last paragraph of the write-up.
  • Using related search terms in creating subheadings.
  • Try using the keyword for creating inbound and outbound links.
  • You can also use the phrases as the alternate text for your images.

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2. Try to focus on Social Media

It’s Google that focuses more on social media as well as social presence and social shares. More often the other kinds of stuff are user experience than that of on-page and off-page SEO. So it’s important to make sure to be social and to make the website social. Even there is some basic and easy way to add social buttons to your individual posts and pages.

  • Build natural backlinks

Now, these are quite important when there is a need for increasing organic traffic to your website. They act to boost and help in increasing the domain authority as well as page authority.

Now the question is how to drive free traffic to your website by just using natural backlinks to websites. So here comes the solution to it.

  • First, create link bait-like quality content.
  • Creating info graphics.
  • Provide press releases to create backlinks from news and educational websites.
  • Create a roundup of websites with tips and tutorials.
  • Provide the posting of the latest news and information.

3. Consistent Blog post updates

Google and other search engines like websites or blogs frequently add latest articles and updates than their older posts. This proves that you are best to become an authority in the niche or the concerned topics and Google supports and ranks these blogs. This also helps the users to maintain proper quality. They also provide consistent updates without more information and tips.

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