How to Dry your Hair with a Hair dryer (Do’s and Don’ts)

How to dry your hair with a Hair dryer (do;s and don'ts)
How to dry your hair with a Hair dryer (do;s and don'ts)

My Geek Score: Having always perfect hair, like it just came out of the hair dresser, is everyone’s wish. While a ‘bad hair day’ can ruin your day (emotionally), and can change your mood. That is why we always follow all possible tricks to achieve it without much effort. One of the workhorses is to have hair in good shape, nourished, shiny, and smooth without going to the hair dresser.

We all notice the enormous difference in our hair when we leave the salon, and that is because our hair looks different, than when we use the hair dryer at home. That sensation of walking feeling the very Beyoncé on stage with her hair blowing in the wind, we have all felt at some time when we leave the hair dresser, is what we look for every time when we get ready and do our hair at home to go out on the street, or not?

Much of the difference between the result we obtain at the hair dresser and the one we achieve at home is due to the experience of the hair dressers who wash, dry, and style our hair every time we go to a salon. But make no mistake, the use of professional equipment available such as shampoos and other products and hair dryers also plays an important role.

But don’t panic, you don’t have to work in a salon to buy a professional hair dryer. Some brands sell ranges of hair dryers with the same characteristics as the professionals. 

How to choose a good Hair dryer

The hair dryer is an essential household appliance for keeping their hair neat and in shape. The most modern offer powers and speeds that greatly facilitate styling and prevent hair from being frizzy.

  • The power of a dryer is directly related to its drying capacity. The maximum power of a dryer is 2000w, but there are also available with power of 1800w, 1500w, 1200w, 1000w, and even lower. If you will use the dryer frequently, opt for high power (from 1500w onwards). It will avoid forcing the motor.
  • Regarding the materials, these can be plastic or chrome-plated metal. Some have a rubber handle, making it easier to hold and preventing sweating from the hand while keeping the dryer.
  • Prefer those with a safety thermostat. It controls the temperature of the dryer to prevent it from overheating.
  • Check if the appliance has a speed selector and heat intensity selector.
  • Prefer those that include a cold air selector, very useful for dehydrated hair.
  • Others, more advance , come with an optical sensor, which allows to measure the degree of humidity of the hair and adapts the temperature of the device.

The first and foremost thing is to find a dryer that takes care of our hair, and does not damage it, and for this, we will look at several functionalities that should accompany the hair dryer that we choose:

The power of a dryer makes the difference

The power of a dryer is the capacity it has to generate air and heat and should range between 1000 and 2500 watts (W). The more power a hair dryer has, the faster it will dry, but beware! We have to be able to control this power to our liking, so we will choose a dryer with different controls to regulate the airflow heat.

The most potent professional dryers usually have three levels of heat and two levels of airflow, which gives us the option of using a lower power for day-to-day and something higher for more elaborate hairstyles.

For Fragile hair it is better to avoid speed and excess heat. This leads to the confusion that people with more fragile hair do not need a powerful hair dryer, and this is a mistake since if we use a low power dryer, it will take longer to dry the hair, which is just the opposite of what we recommend. In addition, a dryer is a small appliance that consumes electricity quickly, so if we resort to those with little power, in the long run, it will be more expensive for our hair and our pocket. The ideal hair dryer for dry and fragile hair is a power of around 1700W.

Not only in hot air do palazzos live. The cold air in a dryer is a great ally when combing our hair; it gives us the elasticity that the hair needs, so give yourself a breath of cold air while you dry your hair with hot air. A dryer must have a button that allows a jet of cold air to be pushed over our hair. In this way, we cool the hair so that it does not keep the heat for a long time and thus does not damage it. In addition, the cold air helps us to set a more elaborate hairstyle.

How to dry your hair efficiently

It is advised that dividing your hair into several parts and holding them with clips or pins. Dry your hair starting at the neck and work your way up to the crown of your head so as not to give heat several times at the same point.

  • Most of us rush in the morning. If you want to go faster drying your hair, increase the intensity of the air but do not raise the temperature.
  • Always use a heat protection spray. This product prevents damage that the heat of the dryer can cause.
  • You will save effort and reduce the time of exposure to the heat of the dryer.
  • Using a nozzle that concentrates the air will help you direct all the intensity of the air towards the lock of hair through which you are brushing.
  • While drying your hair, give yourself a short breath of cool air. This step adds more elasticity to the hair.

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