How To Find And Fix Macbook Pro IP Address Problem

How To Find And Fix Macbook Pro IP Address Problem - My Geek Score
How To Find And Fix Macbook Pro IP Address Problem - My Geek Score

Are you facing network issues with Macbook Pro IP address problem being a major issue. This might be because of connectivity, but now it can be resolved easily within some minutes. Before that let’s explore the factors which have made arise such situations.

With an initial opinion, what arises as a factor is, when you are trying to get into access to Mac with the help of IP address or with the device. Then it might happen that it would have got infected by any malware. Even there are instances that would have caused such problems. So it’s must that, you should pay attention to the safety and security of the system online. Then the first thing we must consider is to obtain a reliable VPN which will help to hide the IP. Other than that, it must protect personal data from the hackers with securing various transactions processes online while using public Wi- Fi network.

What actually is Macbook Pro IP address problem

Macbook Pro IP address problemis used to denote the kind of two or more devices based conflicts within the same network or its subset. These subsets are the ones trying to use the same IP address. Now this might lead to miscommunication that mixes up hosts which are using the same IP. So to avoid such situation there are certain hosts which lose network connectivity in the event of the IP problem.

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How it can be solved

As with updated sources, there is no work possible today without the use of internet. There often problems arises due to miscommunication between the devices, routers as well as the dynamic host configuration protocol server. The role of this server is to assign internet protocol address which is already in use with another device. This problem can be like the Macbook Pro IP address problem. Apart from all these, the final possibility can be hacking which often happens to network and is also managed with media access control and IP addresses.

  1. Restart completely and reset the Router

At first do restart all the devices connected to the similar network to the system. The modern version of the operating system often takes on to the renewal of leases automatically. But if in case restarting doesn’t work, then it’s better to reset the Wi-Fi router. It’s seen that there are some new routers which contains reset button but there are even old ones which need to be unplugged from the source. So it’s important to get through proper information before proceeding.

  • Manually renewal of DHCP lease

This is quite an active process to solve Macbook Pro IP address problem. Suppose the restart process is not working, then you can manually renew the lease offer on all devices. This can be either done using ipcofig tool or by visiting the network preferences under the system preferences. Here comes the process of doing it:-

  • Click on the Apple logo provided on menu bar at the top of the screen. Then select the system preferences and just choose the network pane.
  • Next select the current network and then click on advanced button.
  • Next select the TCP/ IP tab and here you will find the renew DHCP lease button. So just click on it and the update the number present beside the IPv4 Address.

Now to update the DHCP lease through command line;-

  • Launch terminal through the spotlight using the keyboard shortcut of command and spacebar.
  • Then type terminal and just press return.

The process can be followed alternatively with launching terminal through the finder. So simply launch the finder and move to the application folder. Then next open utilities and launch the command line application.

Now with the launch of the terminal, type the command choosing the proper interface address. Then take the default option to move ahead.

  • Manually set up the IP addresses

If any of the above methods didn’t work, then the most efficient method to stand on is setting of the static IP addresses to every device manually. In this way one can be sure that no devices are accommodated to the same IP address.

  • Move to the system preferences by clicking on the Apple logo in the menu bar and then select system preferences.
  • Open the network pane and then select the current network connection.
  • Click advanced in the bottom right corner and then choose TCP/IP tab.
  • At the drop down menu beside configure IPv4;just select using DHCP with manual address.
  • Enter the IP address. Else connect to the network administrator to know the details for proper assigned IP, subnet mask as well as the router address.


Getting resolved to the Macbook Pro IP address problem sometimes become quite tuff. But you can follow the above process for resolving it and can start well with the system again.

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