How To Register For Baidu Account Outside China

Baidu is one of the most popular search engines from china. This indeed is one of the leading search engines in china. This lists several websites and businesses signifying the most of internet services for the country’s population.

It’s confirmed that Chinese tend to search for any of the website only on Baidu. So good number of entrepreneurs from different countries moves on with desire to buy baidu account registration. The reason for this that the source permits them to expand their online businesses in china where population is maximum.

Now let’s check out with the procedure for how to register Baidu account outside China.

Move to the Baidu registration page

At first you need to move to the registration page. This will appear in Chinese language and you need to translate it.

Next register it using your phone number

Next on the page, you can create baidu account using the phone number. Mostly it’s advisable to use Indian phone number as you would expect more of text messages with verification code. With the way, you don’t want to use your phone number, and then you can buy it online from various sites.

Even if I show you cool features then you can have the TG bot. here you can buy numbers ever in an easier way than on the main site. So next choose a country and even a service and then wait until you get the number. You are going to receive a code through TG bot. next copy it and paste it in the “verification code” window.

Now for further progress, accept the terms of service and then click on “register” and that is all you need to create with a baidu account.

Know your Baidu

As like any other search engine, baidu is one of the best and only search engines. Even it’s different as many entrepreneurs take the priority of acquiring baidu account registration. This is because it will allow them for helping in expansion of their online business across china and even handles the best even under extreme population.

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How to register Baidu outside China

This is quite simple and don’t have to do any extra effort. It just requires few details and that is it where you are done.

  • First click on the link and then get started.
  • Next translate the page to English language.
  • Select your desired country code.
  • Enter a perfect and valid phone number.
  • Enter the user name and password.
  • Then click on “send verification code” and this will send you a phone number.
  • After receiving the verification code, enter it to the giver text box.
  • Next read and agree to the baidu’s terms and conditions.
  • Then click on the button to proceed to baidu registration.

Now it’s the easiest way to create a baidu account and is giving a better way to several users outside china for registering under baidu account. But this is distinctive as you are not going to receive any verification code. The business registered under international B2B market place and you can also use it to face challenges at any time you get started.

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