How To Type Degree Symbol On Mac

How To Type Degree Symbol On Mac - My Geek Score
How To Type Degree Symbol On Mac - My Geek Score

Geek Score: It might sound to be like a giant mystery, but is not more than a wonder. People often take a question on mind like “how to type degree symbol on mac”. But there is no such short cut key to type it. Still it’s quite easy to understand the proper symbol to do it on key board shortcut. If you go deep with some research, you will surely come to know that there are two short cuts on the key board to type the degree signs both on Mac OS and Mac OS X. You can also easily insert the degree temperature symbol into any of the Mac OS X app. Just check out where the cursor is hitting on the command according to the required symbol.

Some times with special character menu, you can easily insert the degree symbol using the emoji and well as symbols menu. This is called the special character and is now available on the recent macOS versions. Mostly these symbols are into use by students of mathematics and physics who look into more on calculations. Indeed it’s a common use for temperatures and for that, users can either copy paste or else can use the degree code on the document.

Methods to type degree symbol on mac

1. Using it from emojis and symbol menu

In some previous versions, it was counted under special characters. So here goes the process of how to type degree symbol on mac. So first move the cursor to the place where you want to insert the degree symbol.  Then edit > emoji and symbols, else press control+ command+ space as a kind of short cut combination.

After the above process a new window will open. Then type degree on the search box. Next the degree symbol will appear along with degree Celsius and degree Fahrenheit. So next double click on the symbol which you want to insert.

2. Type degree symbol using the keyboard on mac OS

The process might seem to be difficult, but in reality it’s not. One can use the keyboard shortcuts to type the degree symbol in macOS. So for that,

  • First press option + K keys to insert the small degree symbol.
  • Next press shift+ option+ 8 keys to insert slightly larger degree symbols.

Next if you want to display the symbol on web page, then you can use the HTML code for degree symbol which is &#186 along with the semicolon.

For the above, there is no specific reason to follow, but the users can easily go through the above description and solve their query on how to type degree symbol on mac.

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