[Solved] Microsoft Windows 10 Update Error

[Solved] Microsoft Windows 10 Update Error
[Solved] Microsoft Windows 10 Update Error

My Geek Score: While working on windows, many times you would get stucked while upgrading and installing Windows 10. So how to get out of it, as these issues commonly occurs when you are upgrading the system from older to newer or advanced version. Now Windows 10 is quite a new and latest operating system used across the globe. So there are chances that you face a lot of issues with the Windows, rather the errors are uncountable.

For overcoming the above, it’s important to update the operating system. Now Microsoft has been rolling out new updates for Windows 10. These processes are fast and excellent to fix out the errors with rolling out the new features. Many times it happen that , users run into error messages that relates to the updating and thus lead to failure with Microsoft Windows 10 update error.

Reasons of the Error

Looking over to the Microsoft Windows 10 updating failure, there are a lot of possible reasons leading to Microsoft Windows 10 update error. Here are lists of such issues which need to get through possible solutions.

  • There might be some files missing in the system or it might get corrupted. Sometimes it becomes complicated for the system to look out that everything is working well. This leads to a kind of failure with updating of the window.
  • The next cause can be because of outdated drivers of the system as drivers is one of the important parts of Windows 10 handling system. This compatibility like graphic cards, network cards and many more.
  • If there issue arises with the Windows updating services, there stands some wrong situation with the updating services.

How to Fix the Updating Failure with Windows 10

To resolve the Microsoft windows 10 update error issue, here are some of the best and basic methods.

  • First run the trouble shooter tool for Windows update.
  • Then restart the system related to updated services.
  • Run the SFC or the system file checker scan.
  • Then execute the DISM Command.
  • Further disable the antivirus for some time.
  • Move ahead with restoring the Windows 10 from the back up.

How to Run the Troubleshooter

Running troubleshooter is one of the most important parts to get rid of Microsoft Windows 10 update error process. This goes through an automatic scanning for detecting the problems associated with error running of Windows 10. For this one must follow the steps below.

  • First open the “start menu” and then click on “settings”.
  • In the next step click on “update and security”.
  • Further move to click on “troubleshoot” and then click on “additional troubleshooters”.
  • From the additional troubleshooter do choose window update and then run the troubleshooter.
  • Now it’s sure that the troubleshooter is going to clear up all the problems that caused trapping of the window updating process.

Alternative to Troubleshooter

It sometimes happens that troubleshooter doesn’t work, so now it’s time to start interacting with the system setting. The reason can be, it should not cause any kind of damage to the PC. Other way, it will help with only deleting the temporary windows update files. Added to that, it will also recommend setting up the system restore point. So looking forward to the process;-

  • First open the “start menu” and then type “cmd” into the “search box”.
  • Next select “command prompt” and then choose “run as administrator”.
  • Then stop the windows update service on the system as well as the back ground intelligent transfer service. These commands are needed to be typed on to the command prompt together. Next press enter to type each.
  • Now delete the files in the “C:/Windows software distribution” folder. Then select all the files and press “delete”.  In case the files didn’t get deleted, the restart your PC. Now turn off the two windows update services and then try to delete the files again.

Now when the folder is emptied, just restart the system. Apart from that, you can also restart the system or manually turn on the windows update service. For this get through the command prompt and then type the command.

Next run the “windows update” and the user will find that the PC needs to download several updates. This will take some time depending on the speed of the internet. Once the update is installed, the windows will schedule the restart time else the users can restart immediately. Apart from these two steps, there are many more ways in which you can resolve the Microsoft Windows 10 update error.

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