Netflix Reveals Most Watched Movies And Series On Its Platform

Netflix Reveals Most Watched Movies And Series On Its Platform - My Geek Score
Netflix Reveals Most Watched Movies And Series On Its Platform - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s CO-CEO and Chief Content Officer revealed a considerable amount of data about some of the streaming giant’s best titles during this year’s Code conference, a remarkable step for a firm that typically keeps figures close to its breast.

Netflix provided data regarding how many accounts saw its top 10 films and series based on the number of accounts that watched at least two minutes of the title within the first 28 days it was on Netflix in one slide shared, while Sarandos was speaking on the Code stage with Kara Swisher.

The first season of Bridgerton topped the list of most-watched Netflix series, with 82 million accounts, followed by part one of Lupin and The Witcher, both with 76 million accounts. With 99 million accounts, extraction topped the list of movies, followed by Bird Box with 89 million and Spenser Confidential with 85 million.

Most Popular Netflix Series & Movies in terms of accounts - My Geek Score

The top 10 Netflix movies and shows were placed on a second slide based on total viewing hours during their first 28 days on the site. Bridgerton was still the most popular series with 625 million hours watched. With 619 million viewers, the fourth part of Money Heist came in second, followed by the third season of Stranger Things with 582 million.

With 282 million hours seen, Bird Box topped the list of most popular movies based on the statistics. The extraction came in second with 231 million hours seen, while The Irishman came in third with 215 million hours watched on the platform.

Most Popular Netflix Series & Movies in terms of viewing hours - My Geek Score

The decision to reveal the data comes at a critical time for streaming creatives and artists. Traditionally, streaming services have provided limited information about how titles perform on their platforms, which has become a source of frustration in a rapidly changing entertainment landscape, that has seen even highly anticipated theatrical releases go straight to streaming services or debut as hybrid releases.

However, the figures indicate that a “hit” can be defined in a variety of ways. Total hours of viewing and the number of time users spent watching a title during its first month on Netflix were used to compile the data. On the other hand, talent and production firms may be more interested in the number of times a title has been seen from beginning to end or in the total number of individuals viewing their shows, not simply accounts.

Ultimately, streamers are left to their own devices without a clear standard across providers for what those success measures should look like.

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