Twitter Finally Adds an Edit Button, But It’s Not Free

Twitter Finally Adds an Edit Button, But It’s Not Free - My Geek Score

Twitter announced Thursday that it is testing what may be its most anticipated feature: an edit button. It will begin testing the tweet editing feature internally before rolling it out to users of Twitter’s paid version, Twitter Blue, for $4.99 a month in the U.S. in the coming weeks.

Twitter Finally Adds an Edit Button, But It’s Not Free - My Geek Score

The feature will allow Twitter users to edit any mistakes they make in tweets after they’ve been posted — a much-needed addition to the social media platform, a feature its users have been seeking since its debut 10 years ago.

If you’ve ever written something in a hurry and wish you could erase the words, now your wish has come true! Today, Twitter announced that it will soon introduce Edit Tweet to its app.

Unlike other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, if you want to edit a tweet, you need to delete it and tweet again from your profile page or mobile app. Now, if you want to delete or edit the last thing you tweeted, Twitter will let you do so — but there’s a catch. It is only available to subscribers.

How does the new feature work?

Before being offered to all users of the paid version of Twitter, Twitter Blue. The feature is called Editing Tweets, and it works similarly to editing features on other social media sites. Users simply press and hold the tweet they want to update, type what they want to say, let go of the tweet and edit it.

Editing Tweets is only available to verified users and paid members of the Twitter app with over a million followers. This feature is long awaited as users want to edit incorrect or incorrect information before tweeting without having to delete and rewrite their tweets.

What is happening next?

Once the feature goes live, Twitter users will be able to edit errors in tweets by selecting the ellipsis button and clicking Edit Tweet. Twitter said the edit tweet feature would make it easier for people to correct typos or remove sensitive information. The problem is that they have to click the “Tweet Details” button and then the “Edit Tweet” button to make any changes. They also have to follow you for your changes to show up on Twitter.

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