8 Foods That are Rich in HDL or ‘Good’ Cholesterol

8 Foods That are Rich in HDL or ‘Good’ Cholesterol - My Geek Score
8 Foods That are Rich in HDL or ‘Good’ Cholesterol - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: When it comes to cholesterol, we all think it to be a bad substituent created inside our body. But the fact is there are two types of cholesterol formed inside human body the HDL or the High-density Lipoprotein and the LDL or the Low-density Lipoprotein.  LDL is harmful and relatively blocks inside the arteries interrupting the blood flow. Whereas the HDL is considered as the ‘good’ cholesterol. This associates with removing the other form of cholesterol from the blood stream hence,  reducing the risk of heart disease.

What is Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a kind of waxy or greasy component or biomolecule created inside the body. Beyond every demerit it is useful in several ways. Most important, it’s associated with building the body cells. The following gets attached to the protein and is carried through the blood stream. For the reason the protein is called the Lipoprotein. The cholesterol is nurtured under a class of organic compound as sterol. Recognized to be a basic synthesis from animal cells and an essential structural component of the animal cell membrane. Later its isolated structures look more like a yellowish crystalline solid.

Looking ahead to its priority, it join hands with other biomolecules like proteins or carbohydrates forming a thick and hard deposit internally inside the arteries. Further this leads to narrowing of the arteries called arteriosclerosis. Cholesterol helps with building hormones and vitamin D, even it helps with digestion process.

When it’s the LDL, this gets settled in the walls of the blood vessels leading to narrowing of the passageways which leads to clotting of the blood vessels and is a common cause to heart attack. Hence it’s recited as the ‘bad cholesterol’.

But the HDL is the ‘good cholesterol’ that picks up the excess of cholesterol synthesized inside the body and takes it to the liver gland. There it breaks down and gets removed from the body.

The High-Density Lipoprotein

The High-density Lipoprotein or good cholesterol acts as scavengers to the bad cholesterol helping it get removed from the blood. Its higher ratio leads to reduction of risk to heart diseases and vice versa.

Its structure is highly dense compared to other kind of cholesterol particles and is an essential fat providing stability to cells of the body. This acts as an important component to remove the bad cholesterol without harming the blood cells and then carries to liver. Further the bad cholesterol gets broken by the bile pigment and is discharged in stool.

High-density Lipoprotein is responsible for controlling risk factors relating to coronary heart disorders, heart attacks and strokes. But it’s mandatory to check your cholesterol level regularly to know the numbers and access to the risk factor.

Foods to boost High-Density Lipoprotein

The High-density Lipoprotein are a good kind of cholesterol. This component acts as a cleanser in the blood. Being at its healthy level helps remove the extra cholesterol with removing the plaque buildup from the arteries and sends it to the liver. This would further help with reducing the risk of heart diseases and other related disorders.

There are a lot of stuffs which helps with boosting HDL. This can be like cream cheese or a piece of fried chicken and that is not just right for keeping the cholesterol into check. These can be counted as sources of saturated and Trans fat. Further they can stand on to increase the LDL and even the total cholesterol level.

Apart from the food, there are some basic factors which would help with increasing the HDL in blood. These are like preventing obesity, avoiding a sedentary life style, staying away from refined carbohydrates, inflammation and avoid smoking.

Regular exercises and balanced diet would help with increasing the HDL concentration in blood. This also generates increase in hormones like estrogen or thyroid hormones. Even it is believed that a moderate level of alcohol consumption would help with increasing HDL.

Looking forward to some of the best food stuffs that are rich for HDL.

  • Olive Oil is a better one that makes its way to increase HDL in blood. This has proved to decrease the inflammatory impact of the LDL cholesterol in the body. It’s important to use extra virgin olive oil instead of any other kind of oil. This when cooked at low to moderate temperature would enhance its properties rather than being cooked in higher temperature. The raw form of it can also be used on salads, sauces and as well as to flavor the food.
  • Whole grains can be another satisfying option for HDL. These can be bran, cereals and brown rice. Even it’s believed to have its impact on not just the LDL but also with affecting the total cholesterol level. The reason behind it can be the higher amount of soluble fiber. Consuming two servings per day is surely going to comfort you and will help with decreasing the LDL.
  • Legumes and beans can be a perfect source to increase the HDL in blood. These can be whole grains, beans and legumes which are great sources of soluble fiber. Even black beans, black eyed peas, kidney beans, navy beans and the commonly used lentils. Indeed these can be considered among the best of side dishes. Even they are great taste enhancers to the salads and dressings. For those on diet can increase their HDL with Cajun corn and kidney bean salads or can consume these in the soup like that of Italian style white bean and kale soup.
  • The next can be high fiber fruit, with lots of fiber like prunes, apples and pears are great to help lower the level of overall cholesterol levels. One can add these up to cereals and oat meal or can also blend them or create delicious smoothie.
  • For non-veg lovers, the omega 3 fatty acids are the best supplements which are found in fish and can increase the HDL levels. This can be obtained from fishes like salmon, mackerel, albacore tuna, sardines and rainbow trout.
  • Regular consumption of flax seeds can be perfect for increasing the level of HDL. These can be consumed grounded or can be consumed directly. For vegetarians the omega 3 fatty acids can be best obtained from flax seeds. These are plant based sources and are best to make heart healthy. Grounded flax seeds can be consumed with morning cereals, oatmeal, salads, and dips as well as added over the yogurt or any baked stuff.
  • The chia seeds are considerably good source from the plant. These are rich in fiber and other healthy nutrients. They are also best for decreasing blood pressure.
  • Avocado and soybean are also a better supplement that would help with maintaining healthy fat in the body. They are rich in fiber which naturally helps with checking out the cholesterol in the body.

Changes in Lifestyle to reduce LDL and increase HDL

Apart from foods, there are many other ways which are helpful to reduce the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol. These are like doing regular exercise and aerobics. Even a proper time scheduled morning walk is going to help with that.

Loosing excess weight is a major way to reduce the bad cholesterol and it’s highly recommended. Some people bear genetic issues with higher cholesterol level. So it’s always better to analyze your genetics and manage and maintain it. So it’s important that you consult your doctor before moving away with any medication for cholesterol.

 Above all, our digestive system is a perfect way to measure cholesterol levels. So make your digestive system strong with enhancing your gut flora. Try to add some good amount of pro biotic to your diet like that of foods which are slightly acidic or alkaline like those of fermented foods and yogurt.

The Message

Above all, life should be maintained perfectly to stay healthy and sound. With growing age, food habits take a major role to build your body. So not just cholesterol but all other kind of nutrients must also be consumed in a proper amount. But cholesterol levels should be checked regularly in at least 6 months to count on its parameters.

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