Christmas Decoration Ideas 2021: How Stars are Celebrating

Christmas Decoration Ideas 2021 How Stars are Celebrating-My Geek Score
Christmas Decoration Ideas 2021 How Stars are Celebrating - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: It’s finally the phase when people start preparing to enter into the next year and begin a new journey of their life, full of hope, joy, and happiness. It is the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Christmas is one of the most important as well as popular festivals celebrated all over the world in more than 160 countries by adults and children alike. People decorate their homes with bright, colorful lights and a Christmas tree in the delight of celebrating the birthday of our savior.

Ornaments, lights, and gifts are bought to adorn the Christmas tree with the hope to find Santa’s gifts waiting for us the next morning. The star on top of the tree, the candy cane on every branch, and the wreath hung to doorknobs symbolize the celebration and enthusiasm in the hearts of people. 

Some traditional decoration items that can be used to beautify your Christmas – 

Christmas Tree 

A Christmas tree holds an important value and meaning when it comes to bringing it to your house in the Christmas season. It is a symbol that represents the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and a house without a Christmas tree seems bland and lifeless.

So, it is necessary to purchase and install an evergreen Christmas tree to make your home Christmas-ready. Don’t forget to buy a solid tree stand so that your Christmas tree could stay upright. You will also have to water the Christmas tree to keep it hydrated and vivacious.

Christmas Bells  

Like the Christmas trees, Christmas bells also hold great symbolic meaning in the festival. These bells denote that the shepherds are calling their sheep back by ringing the bells, thus showcasing the arrival of the Christmas festival. 

The bells are generally hung at the entrance gate to welcome Santa. You can find a lot of Christmas bells in various shapes, sizes, and colors easily available online as well as offline. You can also go for making DIY Christmas bells at home.


The Christmas star is mostly used to decorate the Christmas trees but nowadays people use a wreath, a flower, or a statue of Jesus Christ, on the top of the Christmas tree as a replacement for the star.

However, the star has its own meaning as it symbolizes the star of Bethlehem which led the three wise men of the orient to the stable where Jesus Christ was born.


The red and white candy canes are popularly used as decoration items and are hung on the branches of the Christmas trees. They traditionally represent the shepherd’s staff which was used to guide the sheep. 

Since Jesus was signified as the shepherd, and his people the sheep, the staff holds great meaning for all of us. It is also believed that the red color on the candy is said to be the blood that Jesus shed for all of us and the holy white color resembles life after salvation for Christians.

These candies are also available in edible form and are quite popular amongst kids for their delectable taste. 


The last but not the least decoration item is a wreath which is used to wrap around the base of your Christmas tree. It is also known as the skirt of the Christmas tree and is used to hold all your Christmas presents.

Another usage of wreathing is that it can hold all the little pine needles that will fall from your Christmas tree over the weeks. 

Popular Celebrities Christmas Decoration Ideas 

The Kardashian Fmaily

Kardashian family is famous for enjoying the holidays like nobody else. In their latest Christmas celebration post, the family looks stunning in their blue jeans and white tees with a magnificent Christmas tree beside them. Check it out, here.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ Christmas decoration is a perfect example of how to take full advantage of ultra-high ceilings. This could be seen in her Christmas celebration post with a towering and twinkling tree. She has completed her Christmas look with a flower bouquet and a prancing reindeer. Click here to have a glance.

Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray, food network star and the talk show host, is one of few celebs on which you can count to go big for holidays. In 2016 Rachael Ray decked the hall with a total of six Christmas trees in her home. You can see that here.

Fredrik Eklund

Famous star Fredrik Eklund shared a photo of his vibrant and funky tree while he celebrated the festival of joy at home with his family. 

Some amazing stores to buy trendy decorative items for Christmas

The Christmas Place 

If you want an instant and beautiful Christmas cheer at home, then Christmas Place is the perfect place for you as you can easily find the latest trendy items for Christmas décor which can make the whole family happy.

Christmas Central

Christmas Central is famous for its unique selection of candles and home fragrances. There are plenty of options available like exquisite bouquets, floral collections, elegant wreaths, candles, and tree decorations to make your Christmas decoration stunning.

 Dollar Tree

If you are looking for personalized Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas stockings then The Dollar Tree could be the best place for you, Here you’ll be able to find beautiful serve ware, plates, and platters.

To make your Christmas decoration unique and beautiful, you should look for items that are trendy in the market.

For Instance – 

Christmas scented candles- These come with different fragrances which can help you to fill your house with a delightful holiday smell. These are the perfect candles to make it smell like Christmas in your house!

String lights- They are a must-have Christmas decoration item because they can be used almost anywhere in the house, and add a touch of light to your space in a fun way. So this is definitely an investment decoration piece as you’ll get to use them in a lot of different and unique ways.

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