9 Gift Ideas That Will Delight Everyone in Christmas 2021

9 Gift Ideas That Will Delight Everyone in Christmas 2021 - My Geek Score
Christmas 2021 Gift Ideas - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: With the approach of winter season, the best celebrations ring the bell. Christmas can be said as one of the most exclusive celebration that makes your mind happy and cheerful as always. Christmas is all about celebration and tradition. It’s widely celebrated across the globe and basically across US, Christmas is a perfect celebration.

The gifts specially signify tribute to the lord Jesus of his birth and the incident which occurred with him. Giving gifts signifies an establishment of connection with each other and builds uniqueness in relationship. It means a lot that you care for each other to communicate your feelings and build appreciation for each other. Gifts are considered as an act of self-gratification which creates good vibes in mind, hence strengthening the relationship.

History of Christmas gifts

Christmas is not just a celebration to raise a toast. But to pray the lord for blessings and good wills. It’s an ancient tradition which signifies a feast dedicating to Lord Jesus. The 25th day of December since 336 CE has been established as the day of lord’s birth. More over the traditional gift giving is tied to the story of the bible where gifts were given to baby Jesus.

Across US, Christmas is not just a day on 25th of December, but a long going celebration presenting gifts and visiting loved ones and baking the cakes. Back to history, the gifts have become a tradition which was believed to bring good fortune. Previously twigs and branches from sacred trees were considered as gifts and the gilded nuts became a tradition as gift.

It was the medieval monarch in the 13th century used the tradition of giving gifts at the New Year as a form of taxation. This continued till mid of 17th century and then silver gift compass, gold tablets became a part of gift. Even ordinary people exchanged gifts at the time. They had oranges and cloves as best gifts.

American Christmas Traditions

On the evening of Christmas, gift opening is a favourite tradition. Apart from that hanging stockings on the Christmas tree and topping the tress with gifts and chocolates is also an interesting part of the event. Other than that a secret Santa arrives with a gracing light to bless all and gifts them. At late in the night families enjoy driving around the cities to see the distinct Christmas lights. Big family dinners are organized with delicious foods like roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and salty pies made up of meat.

Across US, there are different traditions being followed which makes Christmas a colourful celebration. On the day, the most proper thing is a traditional meal which favours with turkey and trimmings polish sausages, cabbage dishes and soups.

Even across America, people decorate the Christmas tree with pop- corn threaded on strings. Gingerbread houses are also made at homes to make and eat on Christmas. The most traditional drink on the day is the Eggnog which is consumed whole heartedly on the day.

People visit church to celebrate the birth of Jesus and enjoy special Christmas carol services with events relating to Christmas story. The shops and stores sell toys and Christmas gifts which become the centre of attraction during the time. Towns and streets are decorated with lights during the celebration. The story of Christmas tree stretches long back with their establishment by the German immigrants in US across Pennsylvania. Even there are community trees which are as early as 1750’s.

Gifts Ideas for This Christmas Season

Looking forward to some of the best and unique gifts for Christmas for your loved ones, there are stores both online and offline selling a broad range of goodies for the occasion.

An Exclusive Lemon Tree

Growing your own veggies around your garden is always exciting. It’s just amazing indeed looking to fruits and veggies grooming from sapling to a whole fruit daily. One of the most amazing gifts for this Christmas can be a small lemon tree. From the lemons of the tree you can make your own lemonade and enjoy the winter all through. The best thing about the lemon tree is you can grow it indoor.

A Coffee Mug with Zodiac Signs and Inspiring Quotes

Even though it sounds to be damn simple and common gift for all. Still it makes a huge difference every time. It can be such an amazing gift for you loved ones. There are varieties of this available in the market and you can even customize it as per your requirement.

A Charging Hub

For the techno lovers, a perfect Christmas gift can be a charging hub. This is something that you might be looking forward to, for the New Year as well. This is space saving as well as can be excellent to room up an iPhone or watches as well as the air pods. Recently apple got its charging hub which is truly appreciable.

Warming Slippers

Kids can be gifted with these beautiful warming slippers, perfect for this Christmas winter. You can just put the feet of babies into these and let them sleep calmly inside their cradle. You can even warm these up in the micro wave and then let them wear it to provide them extra warmth during the winter.

Dryer and Volumizer

Girls can enjoy any style any time with this one step dryer and volumizer. This can be a perfect gift for moms, sister, fiancé and girlfriends. They are going to love it as this delightful machine is going to help with detangling frizzy hair and leave your hair dry, silky as well as super volumized. This is unique with some new features allowing rolling on your hair from the roots and making it curlier at the end. So just pack it on as a perfect Christmas gift.

Bucket Hat

If you wish to give someone a truly stylish and exotic gift, then take a look at some of the designer and fashionable bucket hats. These are into trend now across US. Even for those outing during the winter and get together these hats can be surely excellent choice. The widely brimmed hat shades protects from the winter burns during the morning and is actually cool looking. It’s adjustable with air vents that prevent maximum of air flow.

Gridded Candle

The candle is quite attractive and an emotional gift for any one. This signifies to light up your lives and these gridded candles are made by women refuges across US with 100% soy and coconut wax and natural cotton wicks. These are also a kind of exclusive gift for Christmas which would burn about 55 hours and can also be a long lasting gift.

iPad 9th Generation

This is quite an advanced and trendy gift and can be one of the most favourite and luxury Christmas gift. Newly designed and advanced iPads bear upgraded processors with improved graphics and perfect retina display. This is even compatible with pencil stylus making it a must pick for this Christmas.

A Lounge Set

This can be an amazing gift for women and is proper and common gift across US. The cool and cozy day becomes even better with this kind of jogger and crew neck lounge sets. These are made up of uber soft jersey which would let you feel hugging.

 Apart from these above, Christmas celebration can be made special with some of the more gifts that are available in the market both offline and online. These are a part of Christmas tradition with marking an ultimatum to celebration.

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