Crystal Pepsi Coming Back in 2022

Crystal Pepsi Coming Back In 2022 - My Geek Score
Crystal Pepsi Coming Back In 2022 - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: The year 2022 is remarkable for Pepsi Co as it marks the 30th anniversary of Crystal Pepsi.

So, on the 30th anniversary of crystal Pepsi, we wanted to do something special & reward the fans who were loyal to the product in the 90s and always enjoyed the crystal Pepsi to be back again the market. Said the PepsiCo marketing vice president – Todd Kaplan.

Therefore, we are excited to announce the comeback of Crystal Pepsi clear soda for a limited time.

However, this product will not be available in the market, so you have to earn it through a contest.

Fans have to post their pictures from the 90s using the hashtag “ShowUsYour90” on Twitter to win the nostalgic clear soda, The company will choose the best 300 photos, and those 300 lucky winners will win the six 20 ounces of crystal Pepsi bottles.


PepsiCo launched the Crystal Pepsi in 1992 and later pulled it back in 1994.

David C. Novak, Pepsi’s former CEO, said that his dream was to build Crystal Pepsi.

The dream product could have run longer in the market if I had focused enough on making it tasty. It was the best idea but with bad execution, he added.

The Clear Soda ran for a shorter period in the market but greatly influenced the people’s hearts. Ever since its production ceased, loyal soda lovers have been campaigning to bring it back.

However, nostalgia can’t be sold in the market, especially when there are many options available in the beverage industry.

More prominent brands like Coca-Cola have also discontinued the “Clear Cola” under “Tab Clear” in 1994.

It was first introduced in America on December 14th, 1992, and 1993 in Japan. Later, the company discontinued its manufacturing, but Clear Cola successfully gained massive popularity until the time.

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