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With the opening of a day, we all look forward to some advanced news and stories that are happening all around. Most exclusive ones are the hi tech news which make the day successful when we know that these news are going to confirm that how advanced we are. Here comes some of the best and exclusive hi tech news of the times.

  • Check out the ultimate wearable gadget:-

Getting worried and is stressed out with work can just not be disturbing. Here comes a wearable technology which is at its best as being described by the manufacturers.     There are good number of products presented t the wearable technology show held at London. Among them, the My Zone news was rated the best being a compression top for men. This featured an embedded heart electrode that is connected to the clip on module. This is quite an active hi tech news as it is associated to measures the users heart rate as well as burned calories. This incubates data which is transferred to an app through the blue tooth. Further this stands active to enable the users for analysis of information on any compatible device.

The device is accurate and in the form wrist trackers which accelerometers or the latest, optical blood flow that shines a light through the wrist and predicts the pulse rate. This is done with picking up the electrical impulses from the heart and is accurate.

  • Artificial fiber that is spun from liquid crystal elastomer using electricity performs like human muscle fiber:-

With a proper exposure to research source from the University of California has developed the way to create an artificial fiber performing very much like human muscle fibers. The scientists have been trying since long to create an artificial muscle, both to replace muscle that is lost in case of human patients and provides human being with qualitative robots properties. These efforts have been paid off because the fibers are like human muscle fibers which have been created. But they have suffered from some kind of slow response times due to their complex nature. Where as in this new effort, researchers have been focusing on developing and creating a process for an artificial fiber which have human muscle type response times. Now this is today’s hi tech news as a new technology called the electro spinning is used. The idea is derived from the smart textile spinning technology and here the liquid crystal elastomer or the (LCE) is used. This is a kind of polymer and is created with a solution containing small amount of LCE sucked into very small syringe like apparatus. This is then subjected to the apparatus with a burst of high voltage that results into the polymer shooting out of the tip of the apparatus as like a very thin stream. This is directed at the spinning metal mesh which served as a collector. Once the stream dries off it forms elastic fiber measuring 10 to 100 micrometers in diameter depending on its size of the hole in the tip if the apparatus. Further testing of it has shown that its properties are quite similar to that of human muscle fibers in every manner.

  • DefGraspSim; a pipeline for evaluation of  robotic grasping of 3D deforming objects

With an advanced technology, since decade’s robotics and computer scientists have developed robots to grasp as well as manipulate various objects across their surroundings. Robots are primarily trained to grasp the rigidity on objects or even the objects with specific shapes. Since a long time, this technology has been increasing efficiently and have grasped strongly and decisively where flexibility is permissive on technology. Apart from these, there are more and more of global hi tech news grooming every day. These are giving a new path to the new talents who are keenly taking interest to develop and design more and more of technology based advanced skills.

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