How Technology may Impact Jobs in the Future

How Technology May Impact Jobs In The Future - My Geek Score
How Technology May Impact Jobs In The Future - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: In the contemporary era, technology plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. Due to the advanced net in technology, a drastic change may occur  in each or every field. With the help of technology moving at a rising fast speed, several jobs have either become obsolete or automated. This article helps to demonstrate which jobs will disappear by 2030 or what jobs won’t exist in 10 years  in detail.

5 Jobs Which May Not Exist in 10 Years From Now.

Nowadays, everyone knows that the future has been filling with the latest technology and new occasions, but for some people, it does not look  brighter as it may create some issues for them. Here are some of these jobs will soon be extinct in the future :

  • Textile Employees
Textile Employees - My Geek Score

The decreasing number of workers in the Textile business is not due to being short of demand for products or goods, but instead how they are preparing. With the help of Robot Technology machines, now capable of performing a load of production or manufacturing work, there are smaller opportunities or chances for the Textile Employees.

  • Telemarketers
Telemarkeing Jobs - My Geek Score

The possibility of this kind of job becoming completely mechanized is quite elevated, almost 99.9 percent. The reason behind that the conversion speeds or rates are considerably lower. In addition to this, the professional development expectancy in Telemarketing may decrease by three percent in the future.

  • Courier Jobs
Courier Jobs - My Geek Score

Everyone wants to know which jobs will be automated or which jobs will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence in the upcoming years. So, In the forthcoming years, the delivery boys may no longer be employed as Robotic or drone devices are quickly taking over the delivery or courier services. More so, the estimation of Robotic takeover is rising by a surprising five percent. It is merely a matter of moment the Courier jobs will be completely automated.

  • Fishers
Fishers - My Geek Score

While the importation of farmed or seafood fish is less expensive and raises more ordinary, both the United States and the United Kingdom have been responsible for overfishing. It causes most disturbances in the Ecosystem, impacting survival rates of marine life or impacting food chains at a similar period. The results of weather changes also have an influence on the accessible fish stocks. So none of this seems superior for the specialized fishers who are subject to forever stricter quotas due to these expansions.

  • Fabricator or Assemblers
Fabricaters or Assemblers - My Geek Score

When it arrives at professions that involve manual labors, mechanization appears unavoidable. Fabricators are accountable for making products like aircraft, vehicles, toys, and many others. But with robotics or machines taking over, fabricators are turning into an endangered species in many businesses. In addition, as per the US Government Department of Labor Stats, the occupation would face an 11% turn down by 2028, leading to loss of many jobs  as 203,300.

So, these are jobs that won’t exist in the future owing to the impact of Technology and Robotic machines.

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