How to Enable AES Encryption on Your Router?

AES Encryption on Your Router

There are several ways to make WiFi more secure at home, although always the most basic is to set a complex password with strong encryption. Probably the best encryption is WPA2, complex and more difficult to break with programs designed to hack WiFi passwords, very popular in specific Internet forums.

If you want to change the WiFi encryption to WPA2 on your router, we will explain how to do it. In practically all routers, the same can be done. However, Movistar customers have to do it through the Alejandra Portal with their Movistar username and password, not in the usual way that is used to modify the settings of any router. Without further ado, we proceed with the explanation of how to put WPA2 encryption on your WiFi.

Access your WiFi router

Have you ever accessed the settings of your router? It is pretty easy, and here we explain all the details. It is about typing (without quotes) “” in the address bar and hit Enter. Once inside, log in with your username and password. This can range from “1234” to “admin” or “user.”

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The point is that you can enter the control panel. If it is impossible, contact your telephone company to give you the username and password, something they are obliged to do.

Modify the encryption of the WiFi, but beware of disconnections

Before you take the final step of changing the encryption of your WiFi to WPA2, a warning: indeed you will have to change your password and save, so when you do, all the devices that were connected with the old key will be automatically disconnected, including the one that you’re using, unless you’re connected via cable.

Once the necessary warning has been made, we will explain how the encryption is changed. It’s pretty straightforward: you just have to go to Wireless Setting> Security, and in Authentication Type, move the tab to your favorite option. Now, click on Save.

Network security technology

Wandering through the screens of the router’s setup interface, you’ll find some mysterious technical hieroglyphs. These can look very threatening at first. Fortunately, you don’t need to understand what they mean to protect your network. You need to know which is better and which to avoid. I’ll talk about that now.


The following is a list of network security options to avoid. You can use a router to select these options, but doing so will make your network insecure. Therefore, do not include any of the following in your router’s security settings unless instructed by an expert:

Protocol settings to avoid

Open, none

The network is not secure when using this configuration—not recommended.


If you use any of these settings, your network is vulnerable. It is not recommended.


avoid. Use AES instead.

Mixed, automatic, “WPA / WPA2”

Using any of these settings can make your network vulnerable. Keep in mind that displaying WPA2 alone is fine, but if you want to show WPA2 in combination with WPA (as you do here), you should avoid it.

Good security settings

The following techno glyphs are excellent and should be used in preference to others.


This is the most secure security protocol and should always be used.


This is the most powerful encryption method and should always be used.


PSK does not affect security. There is no problem selecting an option in PSK. It is safe to choose the option without PSK.


Individuals do not affect security. You can personally select the option. It’s okay to choose the unstaffed option.

How to set router security options without knowing what you are doing

There are no easy steps to configure all routers. Every router is different, and every router has a different configuration interface. And they change over time. Therefore, providing a comprehensive set of instructions to routers around the world is beyond the scope of this document. Instead, there is a general guide for navigating the interface and choosing the safest option.

Navigate interface

Most router configuration interfaces are divided into a BASIC section and an ADVANCED section. To protect your network, you first need to find a wireless security option. These are usually in the BASIC area under WIRELESS. You can’t break anything by clicking on the interface unless you press SAVE.

Once you’ve found the correct wireless security screen, you’re ready to start configuring network security. Configure network security to read “WPA2” and “AES” based on the GOOD section above. If your configuration contains a reference to “PSK,” that’s fine. If your settings include a reference to “personal,” that’s fine. Notably, the network security settings read “WPA2” and “AES” and do not have the contents of the AVOID section.

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