Intel Announces New 12th-Gen Alder Lake Hybrid Chips

Intel Announces New 12th-Gen Alder Lake Hybrid Chips - My Geek Score
Intel Announces New 12th-Gen Alder Lake Hybrid Chips - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: Finally, Intel has revealed its 12th generation core CPU’s named ‘Alder Lake’. It’s quite long that the company has been working on it and information were leaked which created excitement among the users about its release. Now it’s the end to waiting for a better technology. Intel has revealed its new processors with dropping its Intel core i9, i7 and i5 CPU’s. Other than that, it has also made many changes to the work station as well as on some of its desktops and PCs.

Intel has lined up with six new models scheduled for launch on November 4. These are completely unlocked, moreover this new set of processor bears a good number of architectural changes which are considered among the biggest updates across the Intel CPU space. Even the new processor by Intel is going be the generation next and best support for any new DDR5 RAM and even that of the PCIe 5.0. This is going to bear an interconnect standard.

In this the experts have mixed two basic different core types noted as the performance hybrid architecture. With its first success, the company have come forward to manufacture it on the new 10 nm enhanced super Fin Intel 7 processor. This exclusive news has been shared at the launch of the event relating to the announcement of 12th gen CPUs desktop PC. But its mobile version is yet to be announced for the consumer laptops. Still there is hope that the company would soon launch it by 2022.

The Specificities

  • The most interesting thing about the chip is its hybrid architecture which has utilized golden cove high performance cores as well as the grace mount power efficient cores.
  • Further it’s going to be fictitious with the use of Intel 7 processor which was earlier the 10ESF.
  • The i9 variant of it is going to be with 16 cores and 24 threads and the i7 model will be with 12 cores and 20 threads.
  • The Intel alder lake is going to support the LPDDR5 in laptops and DDR5 memory for desktops.
  • The processer is quite advanced and expresses a significant protocol of how the CPUs are divided and then this can be marked as one of the advanced and performance based design for the desktops.
  • Indeed it’s going to be counted among hybrid with power performance and high efficiently cores compacted to one chip.
  • The alder lake chip is packed with great number of technology. The design is quite appreciable with support for PCI express 5.0 as well as DDR5 RAM.
  • Further it’s expected to use new LGA 1700 socket to support the chipset.
  • This is going to be headed up by the Z690 Chipset at the high end. But this would not be availed into the current Z490 and Z 590 mother boards. For which a fresh package is necessary.

Cost Factor

Looking forward to the cost factor, the most interesting thing is slower alder lake chip is going to run at a higher base speed than the expensive and higher performance based ones. The comparative price would be little costly than the 11th generation ones in comparison to the core i9-12900K and it’s around $50 hike on the subjective. The lower spec chips are quite reasonable because of the core i7-12900K. This adds around $10 to the core i7-11700K’s at perfection to the starting price. More over the cost varies with;-

  • Intel core i9- 12900K costing £ 580/ $589
  • Intel core i9-12900 KF costing £560/$ 564
  • Intel core i7-12700K costing  £ 420/ $ 409
  • Intel core i7-12700 KF costing £ 390/$ 384
  • Intel core i5- 12600K costing  £ 290/ $ 289
  • Intel core i5- 12600 KF costing £ 270 /$ 264

Additional Features

It’s quite into news that Intel has announced changes to the CPU structure with more into ARM based chip. It’s now going to serve with a mixed performance and bears a perfect power efficiency cores. Apart from focusing on making it powerful this is also going to also going to permit the devices to sustain performance over a great time period. Indeed it’s good news for the battery and it’s soon going to be a part of the usage. The alder lake chip is going to support a maximum FPS of over 549 with an average of over 120 fps.

There are great hopes and expectation to the alder lake chip performance. It’s believed to make a master piece in the technology sector marking Intel pride with performance.

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