How To Update My TomTom GPS For Free

How Do I Update My TomTom GPS for Free

Paid Guest Posting Website: In our latest article we will tell consumers how they can update their tomtom gps device for free. The way it works is simple and easy, as long as you follow a few steps you will be able to accomplish the goal of updating your tomtom gps device for free. Some people don’t want to do this by themselves so if you need to check out our comparison chart, which will show you some of the easiest ways to get help from other people. The way it works after following these steps is that you just connect your tomtom gps to the computer and download the particular software or other firmware onto your computer. You can then just transfer it from the computer onto your flash drive or hard disk, disconnect and put in a particular folder on your tomtom gps device. You then just put in the USB wire, switch on your tomtom gps device, it will know what has been transferred on there and then start the installation of the new software.

How Do I Update My TomTom GPS for Free

Why should you Update your TomTom?

As more and more updates are released for the TomTom GPS, it can be difficult to decide whether or not you should install them on your device. Most of the time, these updates include bug fixes and a few improvements for the overall experience. But other times, they introduce new features and get rid of older ones. Before installing an update on your device, you should always read through the details provided by TomTom: to ensure that it’s compatible with your device and all the devices connected to it. Do you have related articles in this category? Then add them in!

Software Updates

Navigation specialist TomTom is accustomed to rolling out software updates every now and then. The change log usually mentions minor technical aspect that can make the navigation a little bit smarter. However, besides the often technical stuff, there are much more useful features included in the TomTom software updates designed to make using your TomTom device much easier and more convenient.

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Map Updates

Map updates from the Tom Tom online store let you update the maps in your navigation device when new roads appear, shops open and close, or a new speed limit is introduced. You can update your maps for free for a year before you need to buy a new map update.

In this article, you will learn how to update TomTom sat nav for free and keep it up to date on both sides.

Update Your TomTom via WiFi

Here’s how to update your TomTom device via WiFi.

Before you begin, make sure your TomTom device is charged, and that you have a working internet connection. how can i update a tomtom gps for free

1. First, turn on your device by pressing the bottom right button

2. Tap the Menu button (three horizontal lines in lower right corner)

3. Select the Settings icon

4. Tap ‘Wi-Fi’ or ‘Connected Services’

5. Select ‘Wi-Fi settings’ or ‘Connected Services’ to see all available networks

6. Choose your network, then enter your password and select ‘Connect’

7. Open the menu again and select ‘Updates’ or ‘Check for updates’

Tom Tom Update Process

Our Tom Tom update process is very easy and straightforward. Just follow the steps we have given, and you will be able to update your Tom tom device in no time.

Step 1. Connect your Tom Tom device with a computer using a USB cable. Wait until the device updates, as it might take some time depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Step 2. Once the process finishes, you should see a message saying that it is safe to remove the device from your computer. Disconnect it and start using it.

TomTom updates are delivered via USB. Before you start the update, please make sure that:Your navigation device is fully charged.Your computer is connected to USB port.You have an active internet connection.

* Open the TomTom Home application.

* Connect your navigation device to the computer with a USB cable.

* Click Check for Updates in the MyTomTom area.

* If updates are available, they will be listed in the My Updates section and you can update your device by clicking Install. You will be notified on the TomTom screen when the update is complete. You can now safely disconnect your GPS device from your computer.

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