List Of Top 10 Websites To Sell Stuff Online

List Of Top 10 Websites To Sell Stuff Online

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are left wondering whether or not to sell on online marketplaces due to the explosive growth of these sales. When operating an online business today, hundreds of “best” places to sell on the internet existence. Some concentrate on particular fields, such as technology and video games. Others permit businesses to sell anything, including clothes, books, furniture, etc. While there are advantages to selling on online marketplaces, it’s crucial to consider commissions and transaction costs when choosing the ideal platform for you.


Using the Shopify eCommerce platform, you may build your online store. If you want to organize your home and hold a virtual yard sale, this platform isn’t for you. After all, it will take more time and effort to build up a whole website for a small number of things than it is worth. However, Shopify may be just what you need if you have a concept for an online store and need assistance building your website. It is excellent for restaurants needing an online ordering solution, influencers selling their goods, and small enterprises offering handmade goods.


The first eCommerce platform was eBay. It changed from being known as AuctionWeb to becoming one of the biggest eCommerce websites in the world. It’s the perfect platform for broadening your reach and making money through online sales with over 159 million buyers and 19 million vendors.


With an estimated 5.2 billion monthly visits, Amazon is at the top of this list of the largest e-commerce sites worldwide and in the US. There are countless products to choose from, including name-brand electronics, children’s toys, home goods, and clothing. Go wild, sellers—here, you can expect to sell practically anything and everything. Individual and Professional plans are the two categories of seller programs available on Amazon.


Flippa stands out since it focuses on buying and selling online companies, apps, domains, web stores, and related products. It was founded in 2009 and soon rose to the top of the market for buying and selling different online enterprises. It’s simple to use, offers many verified buyers, and lets you earn side income quickly. Its characteristics will allow you to close a deal soon.


If you run a business that sells digital products like ebooks, music, and videos, Sellfy is the eCommerce platform for you. The website offers exceptional service and adheres to the strictest data privacy guidelines after more than ten years in the business.

You can easily set up your online storefront, thanks to it. Sellfy will take care of the rest, including processing payments, hosting your products, and even sending emails with automatic download links, as long as you have sellable digital goods. Additionally, you can use Sellfy to embed buy buttons on your website, Facebook page, or YouTube channel to make it simple for your consumers to make purchases.

FB Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace was built by Facebook and debuted in October 2016 to facilitate community-based buying and selling. The fact that Facebook Marketplace is beginning to support eCommerce entrepreneurs is great. To facilitate online merchant presence on Marketplace, Facebook has partnered with online selling platforms like Shopify. There are precise standards and guidelines that you must abide by as a Marketplace vendor, but there are no listing costs.

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Before you say anything, let’s be clear that we know Craigslist’s reputation for drawing scammers and other creeps of all stripes. Nevertheless, it continues to be nearly associated with in-person neighborhood sales and often draws many severe buyers and sellers.

With very few exceptions, posting listings on Craigslist is free, one of its best features. These exclusions include specific job postings, certain apartment rentals, certain car and truck sales, and more. But aside from that, most submissions are permitted without charge. Just keep in mind to practice all necessary safety measures to prevent fraud!


Etsy is a reputable and well-known site. This website is among the best for selling your goods online because of its simplicity of use and general reputation in the online selling community. Compared to eBay or Amazon, Etsy targets a more specialized market. Here, you can offer your handcrafted items, artwork, antiques, and collectibles. Etsy is a successful online marketplace with $4.97 billion in annual sales in 2019. As a seller, you should know about a five percent transaction fee and a three percent processing fee are charged when you sell something.


The most popular app for selling apparel for children, adults, and animals is Poshmark. It was established in 2011 and had more than 70 million users in Australia and North America. You can open an account and market used apparel or offer new items like accessories, purses, makeup, jewelry, and home goods to raise your company’s profile and grow your clientele. Take a few images of your stuff and upload them to your virtual closet to get started with it.


Have you stopped using your smartphone? Do you have a camera in your drawer that’s been collecting dust? Given that you don’t need them, you might consider selling them for cash. Swappa is a reputable marketplace where you can buy and sell tech accessories. The platform has gained customers’ trust because the creators did a superb job of eliminating trolls and scammers. Naturally, this implies that they will carefully examine your product, which won’t be a problem if you sell goods in good order.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re running a dropshipping business or selling customized goods, every online business owner should investigate various online selling platforms. They occasionally provide chances for promotion and a built-in audience of engaged customers to assist new enterprises to get off the ground. However, it’s crucial not to rely solely on internet markets. To develop your brand, engage with customers, and keep more of your income, you should open an internet store of your own. With a digital home base, you can stop paying commissions and fees to individual online marketplaces and focus on long-term business growth instead. After all, your websites are the greatest ones to sell on the internet.

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