How To Sell Products Online? – E-Commerce Guide

How To Sell Products Online – E-Commerce Guide - My Geek Score
How To Sell Products Online – E-Commerce Guide - My Geek Score

What is Selling online?

Selling your product online is not only a time-saving need, but it is also the wisest approach to conducting business nowadays. Remember the old days when you could sit in your concrete block shop and bask in the glory of consistent foot traffic and high revenues. It is far better to start an online business than to open a retail shop. The best thing is that you’ll spend a portion of what you’d spend on a storefront, licenses, approvals, electrical business costs, etc. There are so many eCommerce portals available that may help you to do so. let see the examples – amazon, flipkart, ebay, Walmart, Craigslist, target

Why Should You Sell Online?

Selling online can allow your organization to grow and expand and enhance sales and profits. If you want to promote to other firms, you can use the Online services to obtain prospective customers, publish bid requests, and advertise goods for sale via your webpage or an e-marketplace site. Dropshipping, for example, does not necessitate stock or infrastructure. With an online store, you have more potential and extend your firm. You don’t have to fear running out of space if you add a complete range of products to your catalog. Sustainability and expansion are easy to achieve with online stores. The easiest ways to sell your things online are listed below.

The process to Sell online

Step 1: The first step for selling online is Registration

You can sell on several channels as a person, single enterprise, sole proprietor, LLP, or partnership firm. You can also sell as a Trustee and Organization. In all circumstances, different kinds of documentation must be supplied on the registration portal. You must submit identification and proof of address information. The nature of the industry determines the formalities.

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Step 2: Product uploading

First, you must list your goods on the webpage by uploading many samples. You can include product specifications descriptions, advantages, consumption habits, and photographs from various viewpoints. Following that, your item is manufactured and available for purchase on the site, where it can be found by purchasers looking for it. You can create product images ahead of time and post them to the portal along with descriptive and pricing information. Make sure the product uploading is placed in the most appropriate category when doing so.

Step3: Manage your dashboard

You can start selling on the site after finishing the seller registration process and uploading your product details. A control panel through which you may manage your entire company. It gives detailed assistance, allowing you to determine which products work well in cost and profitability. You may update all of the data on the dashboard, including price, key points, and explanations.

Step 4: Order receiving

The seller will pack and ready the product for distribution to the client after receiving an order. The shipping department picks it up and transports it to the delivery location. Sellers are directly responsible for the packaging of their goods.

Step 5: Order dispatch to the buyers

The customer’s new orders are received and verified at this step. After packing it and attaching the shipping label, it’s time to ship the order. After then, the charge is dispatched and tracked until it reaches the consumer. When a buyer purchases your product, you will receive a direct message to organize a convenient time for the order’s doorbell pickup. Your payment is put into your registered bank account within seven working days after the order dispatch to the buyers is completed. At the time of delivery, the purchasers will inspect your shipment. Any returned merchandise will be sent to you entirely for free within 2-4 working days.

Step 6: Receiving payments

On the dashboard, each price is specified in considerable detail. Transactions are paid straight to the seller for both postpaid and prepaid orders, and they are handled as soon as the payment settles, and the item is completed. The value of an order item includes the selling price and any applicable shipping charges paid by the buyer but eliminates any reductions granted by the seller.

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