PC Matic: Features, Products & Benefits – How to turn off

PC Matic: Features, Products & Benefits - My Geek Score
PC Matic: Features, Products & Benefits - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: PC Matic is the best option for people who need an affordable protective tool for their system. Top-notch antivirus software to save your system from bugs. The program gives an effectual optimization, allowing malware detection and minimum impact on the system.

PC Matic application software is not shared or the usual antivirus. Instead is a collaborative aid to enhance performance. It works to remove the wastage documents, fragments of local disks and polish the storage. Still, the software may lack certain qualities like VPN, parental control, and password management.

Products and Features

PC Matic Features

PC Matic is far beyond providing a reliable suite and significantly adds to the system optimization. In addition, it has stabilized security. The primary feature is to remove waste files, repair the security cave multiple applications or defragment to your local drives.

It complements the working device by retaining the registry clean, downloading and installing the superior drivers, and clearing up the startup list. The set of available equipment and functions is unique, and at the same time, as some of them are almost the precise copies of Windows modules, it makes it much less valuable. All the tune-up tools are a part of Automate maintenance, and the consumer has the liberty to choose which functions to select and which one to skip.

PC Matic Products

  • System Scan

In PC Matic, it scans features that are different from another product. Besides running a particular test, its primary purpose is to search and manage with malware, and you can run a complete scan. It includes total disc fragmentation, accomplishment twist, and malware searching. Firstly this software installs a fast testing scan to detect the difficulty in OS and then solve them.

  • Optimizing Dashboard

PC Pitstop’s is a strong plan, and its primary purpose is enhancing performance, but the main aim is to remove carpets and optimize the net speed. Rogue programs and neither -important background rotation can pressure the CPU and RAM.

  • Super Shield

PC Matic antivirus and engine are required to be downloaded individually. However, it is essential and can easily find and remove any incoming attacks. Rather than creating a separate database for the known malicious documents, it refers to a harmless records database.

It considerably minimizes your operating system result and successfully manages with no attacks. If you see the Super shield icon on the tray, it means it is active behind.

  • Junk King

This tool has only one work: remove waste files. After the scanning process, you can see the waste File test in the performance part. After scrubbing, PC Matic will give a list of suspects, later enabling you to select which documents are to remove and delete.

Benefits of PC Matic

  • PC Matic is provided with excellent protection based on the allowed listing. Unlike any other tool, PC Matic doesn’t need a long list of Trojans as it blocks everything unknown.
  • It provides the facility of 30 days amount refund guarantee that offers to test this antivirus. It is enough time for a trial, whether you like it or not.
  • After all scanning, it facilitates an accurate and informative result.
  • You can purchase a one-time plan that will not be turning your pockets in the long run.

How to turn off the PC Matic super shield

how to turn off pc matic super shield

This is the very simple process to turn off pc matic super shield in your system. Just follow the few instructions for it.


Hence, it can be concluded that PC Matic is one of the top software for optimizing the computer system. Even after multiple rounds, it will never fail to provide satisfactory results. It automatically updates the backdated drivers, ultimately improving the overall performance. For more info visit PC Matic Customer Service.

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