A brief introduction of PC Matic

A brief introduction of PC Matic - My Geek Score

When you buy a computer, laptop, or iPad for work, the first thing you will be worried about is its security.

The sense of security and protection comes with antiviruses in electronic devices.
However, there are plenty of antiviruses available in the market, but each of them has its purpose. For example, PC Matic effectively provides essential security at-home devices and is among the most reliable antiviruses list.

pc matic super shield program

Thus, to know more about PC Matic, read the next segment.

Nowadays, plenty of free antivirus programs are available, and because of that, the users don’t want to pay for premium plans.

However, there is a free version of PC Matic also available. With its free version, you can access limited functions and get familiar with how the program works.

Like any other antivirus program, PC Matic looks for junk files, malware, updates, broadband quality, and more than slows down the device.
But the additional feature that makes the PC Matic unique is Whitelisting.

Safe listing/ whitelisting: It is a security list of IP addresses, e-mails, and beforehand approved programs. Plus, treat the unknown programs as a danger & immediately block them.

However, the real-time addition of the allowed listing is called as PC Matic super shield program.
Also, the super shield is one of the best features of PC Matic and is the differentiator in the industry.

What is PC Matic Super Shield Program, and how is it beneficial?
PC Matic is a real-time whitelist feature that protects your system from viruses and malware attacks.

It keeps the system secure from attacks by blocking unknown programs/ software. Plus enables you to access any site or app without any malware or ransomware attack concerns.

How much does PC Matic super shield cost?
PC Matic home subscription costs 50$ a year with a five-year license. Also, you can avail of the lifetime license by paying 150$ extra. If you encounter any issues Contact PC Matic Customer Service.

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