SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Off Page Activity

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Off Page Activity

1. Directory submission –

Directory submission is off page SEO. Directory submission in SEO is process of submitting website url on web directory to create backlinks. Directory submission website huge databases that list website based on categories and subcategories.

Benefits of Directory submission.

    1. Create a safe backlink.

    2. Improve website alexa ranking.

    3. Increase website Domain Authority (DA)

2. Social bookmarking –

Social bookmarking – it is also a useful SEO (search engine optimization) link building technique that can be used for creating the natural and high quality linked and crawled by search engine. Social bookmarking sites also work well to improve the brand awareness and drive huge traffic to your blog. So choose the top social bookmarking site for SEO.


3. Image submission –

Image submission is the way of submit or post your website related images with url on other website. Image sharing website are the effective tool in promoting any website and get referral site visitors to your website.

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4. Classified submission –

Classified submission is basically a process by which you can submit ads in classified submission sites. Classified submission can also enhance your visibility and presence in search engine market. Classified ad submission in SEO link building technique boosts your Website traffic.

5. PPT submission –

PPT submission is one of the most important link building methods with high potential to increase your website traffic and sites visibility in major search engine. Some of the main factors of PPT slide submission.

6. Video submission –

Video submission refers to submitting your products, company intro, or publishing any type of service in the submission sites. Video submission generally is done in two ways.

1. You can either upload the video to website like YouTube, Daily motion, Twitter, etc.

2. You can share the link of your videos on the popular websites in order to get the backlink.

7. Article submission – 

Article submission related to an Off Page SEO backlink technique.  Which includes content publication on third party websites/blog to generated inbound links for personal/client’s website for increase search engine ranking of website. The link generated by article submission SEO strategy can be in the form of a dofollow backlink or a nofollow backlink.

8. Infographics Submission –

Infographic submission – it means that you are submitting your infographics (your information in the form of image format) on other websites in order to get targeted visitors and audiences. You can easily learn the process and can promote it easily on internet.

9. Guest posting

Gust posting is the act of contributing content to another person or brand’s website or blog. this tactic is also known as guest blogging. In the guest posting, a writer acts as a contributor or guest another and submit content to a publisher. helpful link

10. Profile submission –

 Profile submission is the part of search engine optimization (SEO) is the process to rank your website on the search result and profile submission. It may help you to rank your website.

11. Blog submission –

Blogging is an important off-page optimization activity. You submit the blogs to blog submission sites, search engines, etc. you need to keep in mind while writing that your content should be informative and unique to entice more and more readers and search engines.

12. Free Web Submission –

We provide free manual and auto submission to the highest – rated, free internet Search Engine and directories. The search engines and Directories listed below are the ranked according to popularity.

14. Blog commenting –

Blog commenting is a establish a healthy relationship amongst the industry professionals and people interested. It helps attract more and more traffic to the blog and thus to the website that publishes the blog.

15. Forum submission –

Forum websites are online discussion sites. Forum posting is an important effective SEO link building method to getting quality back links to your website. Forum posting refers to generating quality inbound links by participating in online discussion forums. It allows you to post new posts and reply to drive direct traffic to your website.

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