Why Online Business Directories Are Important For SEO

Why Online Business Directories Are Important For SEO - My Geek Score
Why Online Business Directories Are Important For SEO - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: Online business directories are incredibly important in digital marketing for local business. Online business directory submission is very important activity for SEO. They will not only boost your online existence and improve your local visibility. But they also help to know about the brand awareness and will allow finding your business, online more easily. Web directories also provide backlinks from relevant sites and will help you business to scale organically.

In simple words when we start to make blogs or create a new blog for our website. The very common question comes in our mind that how to get traffic, how to make back links or how to improve our blog rank? So for this we try to use different types of SEO techniques with starting off by performing off page activities like directory submission guest –post commenting and etc.

How Online Business Directory Works

Web directory are the high page rank websites where you can add your blog or website according to your content and details by selecting suitable category for your business. Any blogger and website owner can submit their website link and the detail on web directories sites and will get back end URL from relevant websites.

Types of Online Business Directories

1. Paid directory

2. Free regular listing

3. Reciprocal with regular links

4. Bid for position

5. Affiliate links

1. Paid Directories:  These types of directories are totally paid when we submit our website link to web directories. These websites shows some plan for payment and when we confirm with their payment option then they allow us to submit and gives instants approval link.

2. Free or regular Directory: Free or regular directories are totally free websites when we submit our link to web directories will allow submitting for free and will give instant approval link but in this also some of the website takes time to approve the links.

3. Reciprocal Directory: Reciprocal directory are those sites which allows submitting your website link on their site but on condition with reciprocal link. If you are adding your site link or blog you will have to add link which is given by that particular site on your blogs and when you will add that link in exchange those sites will approve your submission.

4. Bid for position:  Where site will performed based on bid.

5. Affiliate links:  With Affiliated links directory can earn commission from the referred customers through listed websites. 

Benefits of Online Business Directory Submission

There are lots of benefits of making web directory submission let’s talk about this.

When you will submit your blog or website it will improve your site ranking on SERP and will give you more back links, it helps to improve visibility of your blogs and helps in increasing DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority) will also improve Alexa rank and will help to index your blog and page fastly.

Do’s of Online Business Directory Submission for SEO

Here are some do’s for free directory submission which can be follow while submitting your site and blogs.

1. Check first that leading search engine has indexed the directory or not if not don’t  submit your link. Submit your site with popular directories will help to bring traffic and also give back links that will enhance your site’s optimization process.

2. Make sure that you have also checked the domain authority and page authority of the website. To ensure your site is not listed already, perform a quick search in the directory and will save your time too.

3. Just try to avoid paying for links and always target for one way links through directory submission.

4. Check the approval status on regular basis and also tack your submission. There are many free directories sites which will give you instant approval and there are also some sites that charges for submission and if not paid will reject your submission.

Don’ts of Online Business Directory Submission for SEO

  1. Do not submit those URL which has similar content with other site which is already listed in the directory.
  2. Search engines crawlers will not follow those links to your site. Even redirects are not considered for backlinks by search engines.
  3. Do not submit your link on those sites which is in under construction or includes notice broken graphics; wait until site is complete for submitting.
  4. Don’t submit on those sites which show an address but redirects to another websites.

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