15 Trendy Winter Accessories For Women To Flaunt This Season

15 Trendy Winter Accessories For Women To Flaunt This Season - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: Winter brings a chilling thought in mind with loads of happiness and freshness. From all seasons, winter is one of the most exciting seasons that bring not just fun to move out in the snow but also good number of fruits and veggies all around the yard. Above all, the most interesting thing is the winter accessories that give a golden chance to live stylish and enjoy the chilling climate.

Trendy Winter Accessories For Women

The snoring temperature and sip of hot coffee is surely going to make you feel on your toes. When it’s about accessories, the list never ends with coat or shoes and long socks. With the growing chill, there are a lot more of accessories designed to be explored and keep you warm as well as stylish.

Across the United States, winter is quite snowy and cold. During this time travelling is must as well as is quite exciting. Following are some of exclusive winter accessories that are must for women:

1. Woolen Base Layer Leggings

Woollen Base Layered Leggings

This is quite comforting and is made up of 100% wool which is just similar to long underwear. These are made from soft and exclusively luxurious wool and not from polyester. The following would let you feel the warmth and cosy and can be used as a sleep wear. These leggings act to wick out the moisture naturally keeping you warm and even dry out quickly with incredible insulating abilities. Light in weight and easy to carry being luggage friendly for every age group.

2. Woolen Undershirt

This is essential when it’s cold and is going to be the warmer element to bear the winter across USA. The undershirt is quite comforting basically when you are travelling. This is highly breathable with versatility in its design. These are also called woolen tees which are quite cool looking. Mostly across USA these are carried to trekking and long travelling which makes them an integral part of campaigning.

Woollen Undershirt

3. Cheeky Knit Beanie

Cheeky Knit Beanie

To bear the winter and stay playful and stylish. This is one of the best one to fight off the chills and is available in a broad varieties. The accessory goes best with black sweater and jeans. The beanies are soft and are made from synthetic yarn. Best part of this, it is available in all sizes and can be washed in machine. These are available in beautiful designs and comfortable sizes to help users enjoy the chilling.

4. Cashmere Gloves

This is hand woven and is available in different colours. This accessory is quite handy and is a better one to hold the chill during winter. The cashmere fibre is one of the best in quality delivering softness to the skin and warmth to your hands. This comes as a versatile alternative to the traditional gloves. Cashmere gloves are available in different colours to enjoy a fashion statement this winter.

Cashmere Gloves

5. Puffer Scarf

With the arrival of winter, the puffer scarf becomes a common casual to everyone on the street. It’s not just cold resisting but is also a grooming fashion statement. This can be an all-time adventure element adding grace and charm to winter accessories. One might have heard of puffer jacket but this is a puffer scarf adding warmth to you this winter as well as charm to your fashion statement.

6. Puffer Jackets

This is an all-time favourite with excelling designs that are always appreciable. Puffer jackets are available in broad variants adding warmth and keep you look classic. These are available for both the genders and one can choose the basics for themselves. You can even find an extra snug hooded styles as well as a longer padded parka. There are pockets like faux fur and extra pockets which add excelling look.

7. Puffed Leg Warmers

This sounds interesting indeed and is quite a new invention. These puffed leg warmers are designed basically for drivers. They are warmer with their furry consistency inside and the puffed synthetic outside would generate perfect warmth. Moreover it would go perfect with a pair of puffed jacket and puffed scarf.

8. The Furry Earmuffs

The one is also called ear muffler. You can find it with every single American lady moving around. It’s handy and don’t you need to carry an extra ear muffler or scarf and a hat. It’s soft, furry and is over sized as a part of its fashion statement. The ear muffs are made up of soft material with an ultra-soft and thick padded faux fur based ear warmer. This is going to keep your ear safe from the cold winds.

9. Snood

This is not just popular among the youngsters but is quite well used by the aged people. Easy to carry and made from soft wool with a cashmere blend. This is quite cozy and a perfect definition to fashion. The one is of Scottish origin which is like a narrow circlet or a ribbon that is fastened around the head. It’s primarily worn with a cap. Now it’s remoulded to look like a head gear. Across US, women use it to staple cold weather and match its resemblance to blanket scarves. Now it’s added to the term as a winter fashion accessory. Even though it’s like a scarf, but truly it’s not that. The reason: snood is higher on the neck and acts like a hood.

10. Winter Tights

These are also called the heat holder. Sometimes people confuse it with leggings. But it’s completely different and is unique in itself. Wearing this in winter is truly comforting and is an ultimate for the season. This is best for thermal insulation and keeps you warmer outside in the cold. This is majorly made up of soft and thin materials like silk or chiffon. Viscose and velvet are mixed in winter tights to bring comfort and warmth. Mostly to match the fashion statement it’s used according to the skin tone.

11. Leather Gloves

This is quite uniquely appreciated to be a part of winter accessories for women. Moreover, when it’s paired with a combination of jacket and a cap. Leather gloves gives power to women to express their beauty in the winter season.

12. Furry Headband

These are soft and warmer than normal head band. Often can be a major style statement for women in winter. These are available in different colour and mostly recommended as a part of women winter accessory. Generally furry head band is elastic in nature with high graded faux being used instead of general animal fur. It goes well with every age group and is super warmer for the winter season. It is effectively going to protect from the chilling weather and can be used while outing.

13. Woolen Beanie Hat

This is one of the softest and flexible with easy to carry type of hat. It is knitted well and is perfect to be a winter accessory for women. It is designed well for the winter season and is a completely versatile accessory. The hat can be designed in any colour and any style as per the outfit requirement. The hat looks quite traditional and can be worn tall or deep. It also has double layer cuffed with rib for giving extra warmth. It’s breathable with fleece ear band and is one of the top off winter outfit with casual.

14. Long Coats

The long winter coats are otherwise called the winter coats that are used as an outer most garment. They are long enough below the knees. Mostly across US, it’s quite commonly used in winter to stay warm. These are also a kind of top coats which are available even in shorter forms. This is made up of pure wool and leather to keep users warmer during winter by protecting and insulating the low temperature. This is designed with 70 % of woolen consistency and 30% polyester and 100% of polyester lining. These are available in different colour to make the users feel attractive and smart.

15. Sheepskin Uggs

These are a kind of unisex style of boots made from sheep skin. These are made from twin faced sheepskin and are going to maintain proper warmth because of the fleece inside it. They have a tanned surface at outside with a synthetic sole. During winter season they are a common fashion statement across USA and are classic to any outfit.

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