6 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Future of Travel

6 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Future of Travel - My Geek Score
6 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Future of Travel - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that mainly deals with building machines primarily operated by computers to mimic humans. The concept of AI has existed since the 1950s, but it has been acknowledged in recent times.

The hospitality business is all about being available for the customers at any given point in time & hotels are rated in the way they treat their customers. So, naturally, the rapid increase of indulgence of AI in the hospitality industry is seen like never before & the prime reason behind the increasing demand for AI in the hospitality industry is the 24*7 working force delivering superior services to the customers.

 In the next segment, you will learn better about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the various departments of the hospitality business. 

1. Accommodation

Accommodation includes all types of hotels, sharing rooms, Airbnb, vacation rentals & more. By matching the hotels’ performance with the guest’s preference, the Artificial Intelligence provides real-time hotel recommendations to the guests so that the visitor can find a room of his satisfaction at the set location & its nearby areas. 

2. Food & Beverage (F&B) Department 

In the past decade, the F&B service department has changed due to customer awareness & technology advancement. With the software, AI helps the food manufacturers to understand their customer demands. With the use of AI, the companies will try to identify the taste preference of the buyers & will make sales according to that. The AI has revolutionized the food & beverage department all over the globe by introducing the following:

  • Improving food safety standards
  • Quality check 
  • Packaging 
  • Storage 

3. Travel Bookings 

Tourism is often paired with hospitality & many call it hospitality & tourism; also, there is nothing wrong with that because both are interconnected. Want to see how?

Before visiting a new place, looking for suitable bookings, rides & stuff is a headache, but with AI, it is not. The AI chatbots have replaced the booking agents & allow travellers to book hotels & rides based on the recommendations. In addition to the chatbots, online messages are incredibly effective in serving the customers’ queries & giving answers to more straightforward questions. 

4. Event Department 

The most significant flex of using AI in the event industry is discovering what the audiences have enjoyed previously & what to serve in the future so that their enthusiasm remains top-notch. 

For example, before the event happens, ask the attendees to register them online, where you ask specific questions about their interests & thus plan the event according to that. Meanwhile, in corporate events, voice recognition, facial recognition & voice recap software is of great help as the corporate meetings are somewhat secrets.

Artificial intelligence tools make the session more efficient by allowing them to share the files among a large group of people using multiple collaboration applications, record notes, and track actions during the meeting.

5. Customer Service 

As discussed earlier, the hospitality industry is all about providing customers with superior services. The countries like Japan & China have invested in robot staff hotels where robots serve the check-ins &outs, take the luggage to the room, greetings upon entry, ordering room service & more. In addition, you can use multilingual robots to overcome the language barrier & make the system more efficient. Also, the robot staff is highly convenient because of their day & night availability & allows to minimize the human cost & human errors. 

6. Data Analytics

Data analytics is the transforming of raw data into the valuable knowledge that has been collected through online surveys & reviews. The machines find the relationship in the specific datasets & sort them accordingly. Data analytics helps to understand the concept better & allows the businessmen to make decisions in favor of the company’s production, marketing & development.  


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a new concept for hospitality people. It has wide-spread its legs all over the place, from providing basic customer service to extensive data analysis. The AI has played a unique role in replacing the human workforce in boosting sales, advanced problem solving skills, personalized services, one-on-one messages, & more. 

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