These 5 Emerging Technologies Will Shape The Next Decade

These 5 Emerging Technologies Will Shape The Next Decade
These 5 Emerging Technologies Will Shape The Next Decade

My Geek Score: Future is always unpredictable but when it comes to technology we human would make it easy and effective. Since the way coming, next decade is going to be hatricks as experts believe that intelligence is going to come way with bringing seamless options and opportunities in technology. This would provide a new platform to explore technology and networking. It’s going to be a big bang to human beings to enjoy the adventure of technically advanced products and technologies in the market.

These 5 things in technology would be counted as the game changer in the next decade

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence - These 5 Emerging Technologies Will Shape The Next Decade

This can be a functionally independent source of human over lords which seem to be fiction in reality. Further with reports, it is expected that the artificial intelligence would take on with wider usage of big data analytics and upgraded cloud technology. Around 85% of the companies will largely invest in a good number of technologies.

As being said by data analysts and scientists, the artificial intelligence and its prospective are going to gain a new meaning in the next generation. The human and machine interaction is going to be a great challenging concept in near future with the highly demanding human skills like customer service, sales and marketing, organizational development and even on the training and development. These are going to be into higher demand with some stable roles and some extra roles will come up and some old roles will be obsolete.

The artificial intelligence is going to spread its gene into every sector and every industry level (predictions by the survey of world economic forum). The AI algorithms do everything from maintain the call quality to help take better pictures and they are packed with apps that use AI to help us do which is about anything. AI has permeated the tools that use to carry out the day to day performances.

From ubiquitous voice assistance as well as language translation and tools which permit to extract structured data from various pictures and many more. At the same time, it empowers much of robotics process automation which has enabled workloads to be lightened by the logistics, accounting and HR departments. This would encourage with growing data volumes, faster network and processor speeds with creating openness for the data.

Next when it comes to transparency, governance as well as accountability, artificial intelligence is equivalent to the black box which is not eligible to be understood. So all together it can be said that, robots will be the next to learn skills, performances and even would help with uploading the information and that is surely going to be the fastest.

Next Generation Driving Technology

Driver-Less Cars - These 5 Emerging Technologies Will Shape The Next Decade

Probably this can be a better road to innovation and technology. Indeed going to deliver higher safety and benefits to handle an automated driving system. These are promising with advanced safety technology using a combination of various software integrated. Apart from that are sensors, cameras as well as radars a generous set of hardware which would help vehicles identify various safety risks that would help drivers continue better and safe driving. It’s promising to deliver an automated driving and handle the complete task of driving.

The self-driving technology is going to be driver less cars and can stand to solve all sorts of problems relating to driving. These are challenging to sort out traffic delays and collisions that are caused by driving errors.

With this new technology of automated driving, the drivers are going to safely divert all of their attention from the driving task and the automated process would have its complete control. Till now it’s limited to specific areas and other relatively controlled protocols.

Reusable Rocket Technology

Reusable Rocket Technology - These 5 Emerging Technologies Will Shape The Next Decade

It manages with a series of technologies that will be developed in phases. It’s actually done in series with a broad range of experiments to take off the flight. Its first phase is the hypersonic flight experiment followed by the landing experiment. Then comes the return flight experiment and the scramjet propulsion experiment. This would demonstrate the reusable launch vehicle technology demonstrator hypersonic experiment. In this the hyper sonic aero thermo dynamic characterization of winged re- entry body. Along with that there starts an autonomous mission that manages the landing of it at a specified location. Accordingly it’s done with characterization of the hot structures that is planned in every manner.

The most significant ones are like the space X Falcon 9. This is a two stage rocket designed for payload delivery as well as with an ease manned flight. These are bounded with larger and heavy lifter accordingly are built to return their lower rocket stages upright either to the earth or to the drone ship into the ocean. It’s believed that the past exploration to space was quite expensive as well as was inefficient. So this next big thing in technology can be a blessing as it can help with reusing the rockets with the 3D printing parts and the liquefied natural gas alternatives. This would help with reducing cost with saving a lot of time and money.

Internet For The Future

Internet for the Future - These 5 Emerging Technologies Will Shape The Next Decade

This would probably be good news for everyone. Because it’s related to our daily life now. It’s believed that the space X’s satellite would go global with its internet connection everywhere by 2022. It would be effective in and around maximum locations on earth by the end of this year. This is a satellite based internet connection which is suitable for areas which are less densely populated. Apart from that the mobile data will have an advantage of it in the densely populated and urban locations. Further the authorities have assured that in 2022, users are going to enjoy double the internet speed to 300 Mbps and this is going to reduce the latency to 20ms by the end of 2021. Currently it’s running with speeds between 50 to 150 Mbps. It is going to be more exciting as the internet kit will be available with instructions, accessories, satellite disk and the router with power supply.

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing - These 5 Emerging Technologies Will Shape The Next Decade

This sounds exciting and adventurous. It’s the cloud computing that Google announced in 2019 as it received the quantum supremacy. The superiority of it is compared to the conventional computer on any particular task. This is eligible to perform calculation in just 3 minutes which would require approximately 10,000 years on any conventional computer. On these quantum computers, the bits are getting replaced by qubits and with super imposable states. The theory generated into this is super-fast. These are mostly designed for industries producing emergency products that are used in day to day living.

Apart from the above, there are more technologies that could be the next big thing which can be a game changer. These can be the 3D printed food, robotic retail, the virtual workspace and many more that is going to influence human living. Apart from that it is expected that the human genome is also going to experience a better change which would revolutionize the human civilization existing form long.

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