Are Nofollow Backlinks Good For SEO?

nofollow links good for seo

Are nofollow links good for seo?

Are Nofollow backlinks good for SEO? The short answer is: No. The long answer is a bit more complicated. Nofollow links are bad for your rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs) as Google doesn’t consider them to be votes of quality. However, you shouldn’t worry about this too much.

Do you know what nofollow backlinks are and whether they can hurt your SEO? This article will explain all. NoFollow Links are one of the essential concepts in the internet search engine optimization industry (SEO). The reason behind this is that they play a crucial role in determining how the search engine spiders and indexes your website page. So it’s important to know what these Nofollow links are and their impact on your website’s search rankings.

What is the No Follow backlink?

No, follow link is a link that does not pass credit when another page links to your page. This is a great way to avoid spamming search engines, but it can create some frustration in your SEO campaign. These links do not have the attribute of passing link value. Search engines ignore these links while indexing which means search engines never accept no-follow links while indexing your post. Only users can follow these links and you can protect your site from being spam with the code to be used rel=” Nofollow”

There are two types of No Follow links

Robot meta tags

This Google bot tells  that do not follow the link of full-page

Link Attributes

This tells a search engine that to not count links in the ranking of post and page

In short, we can say that if there are only do-follow links on your site then search engines can take your site as spam that’s why it is important to have no-follow links as well as do follow on your site. And with this, there is guest posting can also help your site to rank easily on SERP

What is Guest posting?

What is guest posting in SEO? Technically speaking, guest posting is submitting a blog post in someone else’s blog. It simply means that there is another platform to publish your valuable content. Guest posting is often the informal sign-up process that has been performed for a lot of time. And will be helpful for increasing traffic of websites or blogs. There are two types of guest posting available in the market, one is Paid Guest Posting and second is free guest posting.

Let us explain both two types of guest posting, may you take decide which one is better for your website or blog, on which behalf of you are going to getting backlinks. Free guest posting is very short terms backlinking process, where you can get backlink on your targeted search terms (keywords), but it is not define when host website owner will remove your backlink, means the host website owner have all rights to stay backlink for your website or web page or remove it. But through another way Paid Guest Posting, here you can deal with owner of the website where are you getting backlinks, because you are paying to get backlink for your website.

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