ASUS Announces ZenScreen MB16ACV

ASUS Announces ZenScreen MB16ACV
ASUS Announces ZenScreen MB16ACV

My Geek Score: ASUS today announced the ZenScreen MB16ACV, a 15.6-inch FHD portable monitor with an anti-glare IPS panel and ultra-narrow bezel design. It is the world’s first portable monitor with a long-lasting ionic silver antibacterial treatment embedded in the monitor’s bezel and back. This treatment meets JIS Z 2901 and ISO 22196 test standards, potentially reducing the spread of
harmful bacteria and keeping the user safe while working on the go.

The ZenScreen MB16ACV frame and back are the first portable monitors with a long-lasting silver ion coating to prevent bacterial growth and are 99.9% resistant to bacterial growth and adhesion. This coating meets JIS Z 2901 and ISO 22196 test standards and protects frequent travellers by reducing harmful bacteria’s potential to spread.

Antibacterial coating

ZenScreen MB16ACV is the first portable monitor with a bezel and silver ion plating on the back. This coating provides long-term protection against bacteria, reduces bacterial growth and adhesion by 99.9%, and keeps essential parts of the monitor clean and hygienic. Tested to JIS Z2801 and ISO 22196: 2011 antibacterial metrics, this coating reduces the potential for the spread of harmful bacteria.

Work comfortably

ZenScreen MB16ACV has an innovative USB-C hybrid signal connection that allows you to receive video and power signals with a single cable. Thanks to its bi-directional design, it provides fast connectivity with laptops and other compatible devices, and USB-C supports DisplayPort Alternate Mode and USB 3.0 connectivity. It also includes controller support for USB Type-A.

This stylish portable monitor weighs only 0.83 kg, features an ultra-thin 10.5 mm profile, and uses an innovative USB-C® hybrid signalling solution to the laptop over USB Type-C and Type- A. Achieves compatibility. Compatible with ASUS DisplayWidget software that detects monitor orientation and automatically switches between portrait and landscape modes.

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