Baby Shark Becomes First YouTube Video To Hit 10 Billion Views

Baby Shark Becomes First YouTube Video To Hit 10 Billion Views - My Geek Score
Baby Shark Becomes First YouTube Video To Hit 10 Billion Views - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: The “Baby Shark,” produced by South Korean Entertainment Company, Pinkfong in 2016, reached another milestone with 10 billion views on YouTube. 

Earlier in November 2020, the unavoidable earworm set the benchmark of most viewed video on YouTube. 

The kid’s beloved song baby shark was produced by a South Korean company called Pinkfong and brought off by a ten-year-old Korean American singer Hope Segoine. 

However, as soon as it was released, the baby shark song became a major hit; when released in June 2016, its English version broke off all of Asia’s internet. 

However, it didn’t gain popularity in the United States until 2019. 

From 2019, the baby shark dance video caught attention worldwide.

Plus, its obsession with Americans can be seen by Baby shark’s big show (Nickelodeon TV), breakfast cereals, and a call to battle for the Washington Nationals. 

YouTube’s most prominent hit video features two real-life boys depicting the “baby shark moves.” 

In contrast, the animated characters depicted the entire shark family, including an old grandpa having a mustache, grandpa, father, and mother. 

The yellow shark is the baby shark named Brooklyn or previously called Ollie, pink is the mommy shark, and blue is the daddy shark. Plus, orange is the grandma shark. 

The music video is based on the theme, where the grandpa shark tried to hunt the kids but was unsuccessful. 

In an interview, the USA CEO of Pinkfong – Bin Jeong said that the company didn’t expect to hit off the song and the success it gained is unimaginable. 

Pinkfong, the original producer of the baby shark song, has invited kids worldwide and asked to share their baby shark dance moments on social media to celebrate the success. 

Pinkfong is the popularized name of the company. Its origins are an educational brand owned by South Korean entertainment organization SmartStudy. 

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