“YouTube Stories: Lost in the Google Graveyard – What Went Wrong?



Starting June 26, YouTube users will no longer be able to post Stories. The site is pushing them towards community posts and shorts instead.

In a blog post (opens in new window) announcing the move, Google said that starting June 26, users will no longer be able to post Stories, and their existing posts will expire seven days after that.

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Stories, initially called Reels, launched in late 2017 for YouTube users with more than 10,000 subscribers. Like the Instagram and Snapchat stories it was inspired by, users with access to Stories were able to post content that disappeared after a set amount of time.

As it kicks off Stories, YouTube wants to boost the use of community posts. As the blog post notes, YouTube recently expanded access to the feature (opens in a new window), which it says “drives many times more comments and likes than Stories” while Still offer the same features, such as the ability to expire posts. after 24 hours. In addition to expired posts, creators are able to share polls, pictures, and quizzes that appear as a tab on channels.

Shorts, YouTube‘s TikTok-style short video offering, is another feature the platform is trying to garner attention and grow. It recently added the ability to reply to comments with Shorts, and YouTube is now sharing ad revenue from Shorts with creators, The Verge notes.

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