How To Fix My5 Not Working On Smart TV

How to fix My5 not working on Smart TV
How to fix My5 not working on Smart TV

My Geek Score: UK broadcaster Channel 5 has renamed the service on demand, following Channel 4 and ITV.  Together places where My 5 is still found, such as smart TVs, set-top boxes, game consoles, and other platforms, will continue in the coming months.

In addition, a new website,, has been created to catch up with Channel 5 shows via the browser. The website remains to provide program information and promotions.

Slow router / TV handshake process can cause My5 not working on Smart TV problem. To test this, turn it on, wait a few minutes, and try one of the apps. If you succeed and the “Go Online” message still appears in the “On Demand” section, quickly put your TV into standby mode and turn it on again using the remote control. The My5 should now work. If My5 works when this is attempted, we recommend that you restart your router (rather than reset it) and install the appropriate firmware update on your router.

One way to slightly speed up the first handshake is to assign a static IP address to the TV.

• Communication network

• Network connection

• Personalize

• Click OK for the connection method you want to use (wired or wireless).

• Yes to connect

For a standard home connection, the IP address displayed on the TV is 192.168. Must start with. ***. *** (* Asterisk is a number).

In this case, change “Get IP Address” from “Automatic” to “Manual.” This locks out the IP / DNS settings, and the TV does not have to wait for the router to assign these settings.

If that doesn’t work, try the following Troubleshooting steps

Set up your smartphone as a wireless access point and connect your TV to your phone. Make sure your smartphone uses its internet connection and is not connected to the router via Wi-Fi. This will test your TV on another network. Just make sure you can establish a connection with My5, and if your data rate is limited or paid, don’t try to stream your show.

Check your TV’s DNS settings. For a typical home network, it probably starts at 192,168. ***. *** Asterisks vary between routers. If you used manual DNS, try the automatically assigned DNS.

The new My5 service provides access to all previous My 5 content. We will also add a variety of exclusive services, especially those offered to online platforms. 

Go to the top menu and select MyApps

-This will load the grid view of all installed apps

-Once the reinstallation is complete, click Select on the My5 tile to open the app.

You can now use My5 as you normally would.

The following minimum download speeds are required.

• 2.5 Mbps for standard definition (SD)

• 5.5 Mbps for high definition (HD)

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6 thoughts on “How To Fix My5 Not Working On Smart TV

  1. Had this reply from My5

    “This issue usually relates to a problem connecting through to our servers to play content. The adverts are provided by a third party and there is then a handover to our servers to play the actual content, but there is an authorisation check at this stage to ensure that content is only displayed in the regions that we are licensed to carry it.
    Unfortunately, some connections through to our servers pass through proxy servers, or sometimes offshore servers that don’t then identify as being within the UK, which causes them to be blocked.”

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