How To Fix My5 Not Working On Tablet

How to fix My5 App not working on Tablet - My Geek Score
How to fix My5 App not working on Tablet - My Geek Score

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You may have problems with certain applications on your Tablet. This may be due to something wrong with the app itself or a problem with your Tablet causing the app to malfunction. This guide describes common ways to solve app issues on Tablets. Here are few methods to fix the My5 not working on tablet:

This issue is common in contacts, galleries, and startup applications.  

  • First, go to your device’s Settings.
  • Applications and notifications, then application information,
  • Scroll down and tap to the app that is causing the issue,
  • In the next menu, press Storage,
  • Here you have options for clearing data and clearing the cache,
  • Clearing the cache is the first option you should do,
  •  The saved data will be deleted, so the app will load a little faster when you launch the app. Removing it will slow down the app launch a bit but may resolve the main issue.

Un-Install and Re-Install the Application

If you don’t have the tablet app built-in, you can also Un-Install it from the Play Store and Re-Install it. 

Check Wi-Fi Connection-Make sure your Wi-Fi network is properly configured and working. This process usually frustrates the person who set up the Wi-Fi router, or the cheerful person with a bad haircut serving coffee at the coffee shop.

Reset your Wi-Fi Connection. 

The problem may be with the Wi-Fi network, not the tablet. Some networks have a “lease time” that allows you to take your tablet offline. In that case, turn off Wi-Fi on your tablet and then turn it on again. It often solves the problem.

Reset Tablet

If everything else fails, you can do something drastic to reset all the tablet software and return it to the state it was in when it first came out of the box. Don’t do this step lightly. Consider seeking support before starting the next process.

Open the Settings app.

  • Select backup and reset.
  • Select Initialize data.
  • Tap the Reset Tablet or Reset Device button.

Unlock your Tablet.

If you have set additional screen locks, you must enable them before you can continue.

Touch the [Delete All] button or the [Delete All] button to confirm.

All information configured or saved on your Android tablet will be deleted. This includes downloaded apps, music, synced accounts, and more.

 To check for updates in the menu Applications> Settings> General> Software Updates.

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