Kentucky Tornado EF-3 Through the Eyes of Survivors

Kentucky Tornado EF-3 Through the Eyes of Survivors - My Geek Score
Kentucky Tornado Through the Eyes of Survivors - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: Last Friday, i.e., on 10th December 2021, a Tornado of intensity EF-3 hits the city of Mayfield, Kentucky, United States. 

Around 9:27 pm Central Time, when the deadly storm hit the candle factory, Parsons-Perez, one of the survivors, was working in the candle factory itself along with its more than 100 coworkers. 

80 are dead, some survived, and more than 60 people remain missing. The death toll is expected to rise above 100.

Another four deaths are confirmed in different nation areas where the Tornado has hit, such as Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee. 

Experiencing The Tornado Through The Eyes of Parsons-Perez

The destructive power of the Tornado is easily identified when I (Parsons-Perez) was working inside the building, felt & heard the winds. 

Not so late, I saw the opposite building collapsing, and my coworkers & I moved back and forth to save ourselves, and boom, everything fell around us. 

When the winds stopped, I saw that some of my coworkers were under the water fountain of 5 feet. Some were unfortunately dead. Others, including me, were under the deep debris of collapsed walls and buildings. 

Soon after a wide awake, I started live streaming on Facebook to seek help. 

Stories from the Tornado observers; residents of Mayfield, KY

“Before the Tornado hit our city, we all were singing and dancing’ – a book store owner in Mayfield. 

Due to the windstorm, the power went, and phone networks were gone so that I couldn’t check on my book store. 

On Saturday morning, when I got calls from the bank, I realized that the Tornado destroyed my book store – Leisha Doran.

Jeffery Weir, a resident of the Bay areas of San Francisco, told the reporter that Tornados don’t surprise us anymore. 

So, without fear, he went out to check, and then suddenly he caught a glimpse of Tornado and soon went inside. 

Later realized that this was something he had never seen before. 

The Town Is no more 

The residents of Mayfield described said that every historic building and church is collapsed in Tornado, and the whole town felt like giant piles of debris. 

The Tornado has undoubtedly broken the Christmas spirit, and this year the town may not experience the same excitement, it has on last year’s Christmas. 

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