The UK Reports First Death With Omicron Corona Virus Variant

The UK Reports First Death With Omicron Corona Virus Variant - My Geek Score
The UK Reports First Death With Omicron Coronavirus Variant - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: UK reports confirmed a single death due to the new Omicron variant of Covid-19. However, on Monday, the UK recorded 54,661 cases, in that 38 people died within 28 days. 

The UK prime minister warned the taxpayers about their safety and requested booster doses for adults. 

The sudden need for Covid-19 booster doses proves that the new Omicron variant quickly fills up the hospital beds. 

In addition, by examining the present scenario, where 44% of growth has been seen in the Omicron cases, Jonson said that in the next 48 hours, the new mutant would dominate the capital city London. 

In a press conference, he said that two doses of Covid-19 vaccines are insufficient to protect the people from deadly Covid-19 new mutant, so it is time to get a booster dose.

However, it is still unclear what percentage protection the booster dose will provide. But hopes are high. 

For how much time will the Covid vaccine booster dose keep us protected? 

The covid-19 booster dose protection efficiency & working period are still unsettled.

Even so, hopes are higher & Johnson is expecting that the booster dose will be effective for more than six months. 

If more doses are required, then it is what it is. 

Am I eligible for the Covid-19 booster dose? 

The UK has approved four covid-19 vaccines; Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Janssen. 

Until October, it saw that two vaccines doses are enough for the maximum protection, but tables have turned, and the booster dose requirement is slowly climbing ladders. 

The eligibility of the covid-19 booster dose in the UK is:

  • Individual’s age > 30 years.
  • After three months of taking the 2nd Covid-19 vaccine dose.
  • Front line health workers and social workers. 
  • The individuals who are below 30 but are at higher risks of Covid-19 infection or live with some like that (for example, HIV, transplant organs, cancer, arthritis, and more). 

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