Truck Crash In South Mexico: 53 killed, and Many Injured

Truck Crash In South Mexico 53 died, and many injured - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: On Thursday, over a highway in a Tuxtla Gutierrez, Southern Mexico truck, a truck rolled over and later crashed into the pedestrian bridge leading to Chiapas State, a regional transport hub. After the accident, the driver left the vehicle & ran away. Later, in reports, it is declared that out of 107 people, 53 were killed, 54 were severely injured and admitted to the nearest hospital.

It is suspected that those people are the immigrants of Guatemala, Central America, and moving towards the U.S. borders through the immigrants smuggling channels but nothing is official yet.

The survivor, Celso Pacheco, confirmed that 8 to 10 people were children approaching the USA border among the immigrants. Still, there are probable chances that they will be sent back to Guatemala.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Mexico’s president, is disheartened upon hearing the news, expressing his solitary to the victims’ dear ones. In addition, the Mexican authorities are planning to finance the burial of the immigrants plus the hospital cost of injured immigrants.

A report clearly states that the cargo truck was speeding and later lost control due to the immigrant’s weight.

One of the survivors confessed that they were paying around $2500 to $3500 to be transported to Puebla, Mexico.

They were instructed to board on a truck in Mexico, from the nearby borders of Guatemala and Honduras. The migrant smugglers will take them to the USA border from Mexico.

For a long time, the Mexican authorities tried to block the illegal smuggling of the migrants to the USA border but failed miserably. Well, it’s not the first time Mexico has witnessed such an incident.

In October 2021, authorities of Tamaulipas, Mexico, found a transport truck was forced with 652 Central American nationalities in six semi-trucks and planning to move the United States of America’s border.

Yesterday was the black day in Mexico’s history to witness the mass death of migrants in a single day. 

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