Mobile Marketing: What It Is, Strategies And It’s Importance

Mobile Marketing What It Is, Strategies And It’s Importance - My Geek Scor
Mobile Marketing What It Is, Strategies And It’s Importance - My Geek Scor

Geek Score: Today Mobile marketing is considered an impressive way to build marketing strategies just in your fingertips. The process targets the device users. Hence proves to be an effective way of marketing. The mobile marketing focuses on conversion of the mobile users to potential customers. This is done with customizing the services with ads, information, website and a lot more. So making the features or the services accessible to the mobile users can be a better way to mobile marketing.

This is considered to be a kind of marketing which brings you close to the customer. With the process of using their own mobile phones to send tem text messages. This will generate messages to advertise the products as well as to provide mobile sites or apps. With this the customer will be able to see the projects and these can further be planned keeping the process of business in mind. You can continuously send them advertisements as a part of your business.

Why Mobile Marketing is Important

Mobile marketing strategy is important because today mobiles are closer to people than anything else in their life. So these mobile phones can now be perfect medium to advertise business products. Hence, mobile marketing strategy can be built perfectly to stand as the best possible way of marketing.

This stands to be a complex form of marketing with SMS and texts as a part of promotion. The promotion refers to the products and services with sending notifications through the apps. Apart from these, there can be use of ads on the apps in the mobile or the QR codes for offering various services. Even there stands some limit to the mobile marketing. This works with alerting the mobile users of the services based on the users location.

The contents created for mobile marketing is quite easily consumable as well as satisfy to the scoring obtained from the users. Moreover, the factors like screen size of the mobile does matter. So it’s always higher that the smart phone users get more information and less of fluffy features.

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Strategies of Mobile Marketing

Apart from the importance of mobile marketing strategy, there are also certain channels by which mobile marketing can be done. These are likely the:-

App based strategy

In this, the device is targeted with more of apps and more than 89% of the mobile users spend time on various apps. For this one can make the mobile advertising strategies quite focused to the ads and how to display these on the device.

In game

Gaming is becoming a significant part of every one’s life. When it’s about mobile gaming, then there is no limit to it. So when ads are displayed in between the games as in form of banner ads or pop- ups then these can be fruitful in getting attracted by the users.

QR codes

This is quite an advanced way in which users can move on to specific pages when they are scanning a QR code. These associates with gamification as well as offers with some kind of secret behind them. So the users become impactful to move to the page and look into what is the benefit they are going to get on it.

Location based

The following focuses on longitivity of the service being promoted. The one stands to the user’s location and the kind of ads that appear on the device. The following aims to bring them to the business site once and help users discover their priority.

Other than these, there are other strategies like mobile search ads, SMS and even the mobile image ads that often play a major role in mobile marketing.

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