Solution for PC Matic Super Shield File Execution Blocked

Solution for PC Matic Super Shield File Execution Blocked - My Geek Score
PC Matic Super Shield File Execution Blocked - My Geek Score

Cybercriminals have elaborated their ways of working from intending an unknown file into your system to fake apps and websites or links that look real.  

Thus, just like your home, you want your PC and laptops to stay protected, and therefore, you have thought of an antivirus program and landed here. 

Features of the modern antiviruses are: PC Matic Features

A modern antivirus does plenty more than just blocking, identifying, and removing the viruses. 

The newest addition to the modern antivirus software is the additional security and privacy while browsing the internet. For example, password managing for all different accounts warns the user when malware tries to access your device’s microphones or camera.  

Cybercrime isn’t limited to hacking computers and extracting personal information like pictures or videos. The criminals want more than that, for example, your identity cards, bank account details, and credit card numbers so they can access your money. 

Therefore, you require robust security features like PC Matic super shield file execution so that an unknown application can be blocked and never attack your system.

Do you know PC Matic super shield – Make sure you are looking for The PC Matic Super Shield, Yes it is a real-time white-list protection technology that used by the pitstop (pc matic) company that will safe your system and secure from malware and other harmful attacks. If you want to block any program or software, then you can do it easily. Trust The PC Matic adopted best feature of the PC Matic antivirus software.

Download – PC Matic Antivirus Free Download

Why do we need an additional antivirus if already given one?

Windows 10 is already fitted with an antivirus program called Windows Defender. However, do you think it is enough for cyber security 2022?

The answer is no. 

Most of you might disagree. Well, in the next segment, you will understand that your windows 10 requires an additional antivirus program. 

In recent times, windows 10 defender is the strongest it has ever been and is 100% effective in identifying unknown viruses and maintaining zero attack days.

But it fails to match the security level of paid software like PC Matic. Such as Phishing emails, social media scams, fake & dangerous sites & more. 

However, one of the most significant advantages of the Windows defender is that it is free of coat, plus you do not need to install it. 

How lucky can you be right? 

But think that way, will this in-built software will provide all-around protection? 

So, is it worth investing in another antivirus program if you already have one?

This is the obvious question arising in your mind and lets it be obvious; you still need an additional antivirus program due to the following reasons:

  • Slows down while loading the applications or files. 
  • Unsupportive of the context menu doesn’t facilitate scanning a specific folder. 
  • The virus detection rate is far below its competitors.
  • Multiple notifications disturb the flow of work.
  • It’s a simple antivirus and does not offer too many options/ settings for the user to tackle the antivirus or modify it according to their needs.

Therefore, if you are looking for better protection, looking for alternatives other than Windows Defender is advised.  

What precautions should I use to strengthen my Windows 10 privacy and security?

If you are robust that you’re not going to invest in any additional antivirus software, then it’s okay. 

However, you can still protect your PCs by practicing the below-discussed points. Still, you can’t get access to the same level of protection as the paid ones. 

1. A backup is a must

You must have an offline backup of your data, such as cloud storage, as there is no risk of data modification while processing it, plus safe from ransomware attacks.  

2. Careful what you click 

Nowadays, the majority of the scams are tricked by clicking emails, unknown links, fake versions of websites & more. 

So, if you see a lucrative offer email like 70%sale, then don’t trust it. Instead, verify by yourself by navigating to that site. 

The key is to treat each link as a suspect. 

3. Disable administrator account 

By disabling the administrator account, you’re adding protection from the multiple threats, such as enabling accessing email and his system internet via administrative account. 

Solution for PC Matic Super Shield File Execution Blocked

Make sure it will help you to get the solution for your problem (super shield file execution blocked). What you need to do? You need to click on the green shield icon button in the lower right corner of the Windows desktop screen. And pause the protection for ten minutes. More details you can connect with the pc matic official assistance crew.

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