8 Secret YouTube URL Hacks &Tricks You Need To Know

8 Secret YouTube URL Hacks &Tricks You Need To Know - My Geek Score
8 Secret YouTube URL Hacks &Tricks You Need To Know - My Geek Score

YouTube have been creating a revolutionary aspect in video creation these days. Its service became instant hit because it focuses on providing access to both the knowledge and entertainment. The experience can go better if you just know some of the simplest tricks that would help you improve your YouTube viewing process. The following tricks can be a casual use of the YouTube every day and making yourself popular with your videos by knowing the YouTube url tricks.

How to find the channel’s URL

  • First sign in to the YouTube studio.
  • From the left menu, select customization> basic info.
  • Under the channel url, you can also view and copy your channel URL.

YouTube is counted among the best of video streaming websites that are used among millions of people globally. Irrespective of counts and types, YouTube stands best even for beginners offering good number of options that the users can manage everything while watching anything.

Best of YouTube tricks that you must know

Here comes a good number of YouTube tricks that you must know:-

Claim custom url for YouTube channel

It’s always important to build unique url which makes subscribers easy visit to the page. It also has a good number of reasons as it’s easy to remember. However, not all the new content creators on YouTube is eligible for the protocol. Bug at the same time it’s important to get a custom url, as it would be the reason of the channel to meet some basic criteria:-

  • Must have at least of 100 or more subscribers.
  • Minimum age must be 30 days.
  • Bound to upload profile photos and channel art.

After you meet these criteria, just move to the advanced settings page on YouTube by clicking the gear on the top right. Then select setting which would display text informing you about your eligibility for custom URL. If such situation occurs, then click the link next to this page and then proceed through the steps to create a custom URL confirming the terms of use.

Download thumbnail from YouTube video

It might sound bit confusing, but it’s quite common when the google searches for images from the YouTube videos, it’s usually titled as maxresdefault. So you can truly view the high quality thumbnails for any of the YouTube video by visiting the url and to download thumbnail for YouTube video. 

  • Next copy the url “img.YouTube.com/vi//maxresdefault.jpg” and then paste it in the browser.
  • Now replace the with the ID of the YouTube video whose thumbnail you are willing to save.
  • It’s the video ID of the YouTube video whose thumbnail you wish to save. The video ID is a series of characters after the v= at the tailend of the url of the said content. It should look as like “img.YouTube.com/vi/RVVFJVj5z8s/maxresdefault.jpg”.
  • Next hit enter to view the thumbnail.

Create Gif from YouTube video

While searching if you find a GIF worthy moment. Then it’s must that you can easily create an animated GIF from any point or any part of the video by adding the GIF before the YouTube link. So for editing process of the video into GIF just click on “YouTube.com/watch?v=5rX1EF_VzeE”.

Next change the url to “gifYouTube.com/watch?v=5Rx1EF_VzeE”

Now you will be directed to gifs.com where you can easily add various effects and easily corp the GIF to the liking. After it’s done, just share the GIF to the social network with an easy yet strong link or else you can download it. It must be considered that the videos must be short and within the limits with the power to create gif from YouTube video.

YouTube age restriction bypass

YouTube holds an age restriction, as for certain videos marked with YouTube age restrictioncontaining adult content. But if you don’t hold an account in YouTube and still want to watch the videos, then you can follow this YouTube trickto bypass the age restriction. You need to take the YouTube url for the restricted videos as like “YouTube.com/watch?v=wvZ6B3c11w”

Then just add gene in front of the YouTube as like “genYouTube.com/watch?v=wvZ6nB3c11w”

After that the video will open on a new page that bears no age limit.

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Share a clip of a YouTube video

Playlists are quite useful for different types of users using any type of videos. So just share a clip of the YouTube video which is short and simple. For this go to the playlist page by clicking on your account icon in the top right. Next choose “creator studio” and for that click on “video manager” on the left and then choose “playlists”. Then click “new playlist” on the top right and then choose whether you would like to keep it private or want to spread it through the public. The above will let you know easily to share a clip of the YouTube video.

For this manually add&t=YmXX to the end of the video url, you will then set it to startY minutes and XX seconds into the video. You can also eliminate the timing or else can simply add on seconds like 90 –and for just one an half minutes. If you don’t want to use the manual method, push the video when you want to share it and then right click and now select copy video url at the current time.

Build an unlimited Video Loop on YouTube

YouTube is one of the great places for music. When you like a song and want to listen to it again and again. Just add repeater after YouTube in the url. This is going to open the video on YouTuberepeater.com that would play the video for you. So just change the url with “YouTuberepeater.com/watch? v=oeb5LdAyLC8”. You can also change the playback with option below the video if you want to start or end at various points.

Watch YouTube TV

The YouTube Tv is quite an interface designed for the smart TV’s and apps on consoles. Still it remains the YouTube, but with less clutter and easy shortcuts for remote. Even you may not want to make it the primary YouTube interface, but it’s must to check out for a neat look. So take on with the url and try out with “YouTube.com/tv”.

Go to the Subscriptions on YouTube

Don’t try on useless advices even if you recommend for some weird content or a home page with videos that you really don’t care about. So its better to land on YouTube page. When you are logged in, just try changing your YouTube bookmarks from the main site to your subscriptions page with the url; “YouTube.com/feed/subscriptions”. It would permit to se latest videos from the channels that you are subscribed to so that you are not going to miss the new content. So it’s must to have control on what you see rather that what YouTube is deciding to show you.

These YouTube url tricks are tremendously appreciable. It’s handy to know about these YouTube url hacks to make your technology highly appreciable. This is indeed a milestone to the YouTube channel bearers as a better option to carry forward.

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