73% of New Covid Cases Accounts to Omicron in US

73% of New Covid Cases Accounts to Omicron in US - My Geek Score
73% of New Covid Cases Accounts to Omicron in US - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: This Monday the Federal Administrator said that the new Omicron variant is spreading quickly, unlike other variants, and become the effective virus in the US. As per the research, 73% of new cases are emerged past week due to Omicron. Nearly six-fold cases are increasing in the US due to this Omicron virus in just one week, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. 

Generally, the Omicron virus is still a tiny percentage of all US Covid cases. At the ended week of Dec 11, the new cases of Omicron in US are increased to 2.9% from 0.4%. CDC said that few of the instances numbers are repeating. However, the new cases through this virus are about 13% and not 3%. 

In most part of the US, the cases are increases at fast pace. Omicron is the primary reason for approximately 90% of new cases in the New York area. Until the June ending, the Delta variant has been the primary reason for virus in the US. Till November ending, 99.5% cases are of Delta variant as per CDC data. 

Many aspects on the Omicron variant are not known by the people, and its reasons, if it causes serious illness or not. The best possible method to prevent from Omicron virus is to get booster dose. However, also without a booster dose, still the two shots of vaccine will give protection against serious illness and death. 

Is Moderna Booster Dose Is Effective Against Omicron Virus 

Against the latest Omicron mutation of Covid. Moderna is introducing the booster dose that provides strong protection against Omicron. The Public Health Administrator convey to the public to take booster shots. As per the recent study, the 20 persons who took the Moderna booster dose had 37 times higher neutralizing antibodies in comparison to those who did not take booster shots. 

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