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Biden Announces Millions of Free At-Home Covid Test Kits To Americans, Says We Are Prepared for Omicron

Biden Announces Millions of Free At-Home Covid Test Kit To Americans, Says We Are Prepared for Omicron - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: On Tuesday, President Joe Biden announced that to buy a millions of free at-home Covid test kit and in the gathering of 1000 military-medical people to overfilled hospitals as the administrator challenge towards against new virus of Omicron variant that is driven in America. 

President Joe Biden conveys the message from the White House speech that we have to be careful more, and we will. He also defines some new Omicron variant guidelines. He said America is exhausted from the pandemic that lasted for two years. 

Biden said to the people that he could access the free delivery of Covid test kits at their home. They have to mail via the website, and the equipment is delivered to their homes. There are shortages in line for Covid test and overload hospitals in hot spots from that solution. As in the USA, the holiday season starts in a few days. 

He said in his speech that he could understand people are exhausted and frustrated. We all want to eliminate this problem, but unfortunately, we are in it. It is a tough time. But we have all the necessary equipment that we lack. 

The people can’t get the kit online before January, which means they can’t receive it as thousands of people are expected to travel on holidays. From the White House, Jen Psaki said that the government is still organizing and analyzing how many test kits are available for the home. Also, some groups are on priority. 

Biden says that ‘This is not March 2020.

America is left behind other countries in Covid test capacity. The reporters said about the shortages, Biden said that ‘I don’t think that so no one can imagine the situation can get worse like this and variant is spreading so quickly. 

He also thanked people for their courage in tough times and requested people to get vaccinated and get a booster dose. If you do not take the vaccine, it can be a reason for concern. He said that people should wear a mask in public that prevents them from significant illness and death. To date, in America, about 200 million people are vaccinated. 

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