Biden Administration Releases Approx. 1500 Classified JFK Documents

Biden Administration Releases Approx. 1500 Classified JFK Documents - My Geek Score
Biden Administration US Releases Approx. 1500 Classified JFK Documents - My Geek Score

On Wednesday, the national Biden Administration released publicly 1500 documents related to the US government investigation into the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy. The tranches are available to the public under The President John F. Kennedy murder Records Collection Act of 1992 or the JFK act. 

The whole collection includes approx. has five million pages of files. That’s why Jefferson Morley, who is a veteran journalist and author of three books in the Central Intelligence Agency in the 1960s, called the new release “sham.” 

As per the law rules, entire JFK records are available within 25 years, with no exception. But the regulations also enable the postponement at the discretion of the president. 

In 2018, previous president Donald Trump allowed us to request national archivists not to share any crucial files due to national safety concerns. According to Morley, the Biden administration followed this protocol. 

They abandon the rule twice, showing that the CIA does want to follow this rule. But the question is “why”?

The Warren Commission, set up through Kennedy’s successor Lyndon B. Johnson to research the assassination, and the Federal Bureau ofInvestigation decided U.S. Marine veteran Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK in the head even as the previous president rode in a motorcade via Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. 

After two days, when Jack Ruby is transferred from the police station to a country jail, Oswald is killed. Some conspiracy theories and archivists said that and also challenged the result and raised doubts about discovering the Warner Commission persist decades later. 

The Warner Commission told the CIA that they do not know anything much about Lee Harvey Oswald. We learned from the last 20 years, but we followed him for four years. The documents were released in 2017 under the JFK Act, and it present that the agency followed Oswald’s travel history before his murder, but the agent does not take it as a threat. 

Although the government does not explain his murder, People will not believe what they listen to. Mostly all the files are available to the public without any restrictions. Still, the agency appeals to Biden that he should continue with postponing some information. 

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