Pfizer’s Covid Pill Paxlovid Works 89% Against Omicron

Pfizer’s Covid Pill Paxlovid Works 89% Against Omicron - My Geek Score
Pfizer’s Covid Pill Paxlovid Works 89% Against Omicron - My Geek Score

My Geek Score: The USA medicine company, Pfizer, gives new rays of hope to the world with its new Covid-19 oral pill called Paxlovid. The good news came out yesterday on the anniversary of America’s Covid-19 vaccine campaign.

In its one last clinical trial, 2/3, the antiviral pill Paxlovid effectiveness against Covid is 89%, which is by far the strongest of all. In addition to the deadly Covid-19, the new antiviral pill effectively deals with other mortal diseases.

Composition of Paxlovid

The antiviral pill Paxlovid’s complete treatment is three tablets, twice a day. The initial two pills are an experimental antiviral drug called Nirmatrelvir & the last pill is an HIV drug called Ritonavir.

Effectiveness of the Pfizer’s Paxlovid

In a press conference on Tuesday, Albert Bourla, Pfizer CEO, said that on treating the covid patients with our antiviral drug, we have seen 89% of the results are in favor.

In addition, the hospitalization rate is reduced by 70% with this pill.

  • The figure is given after numerous clinical trials. For example,
  • The vaccinated individuals
  • Non-vaccinated individuals.
  • Survivors of Covid-19
  • Also, the effect of the drug on diseases other than covid-19.

Experts say that the Paxlovid will play a crucial role in the pandemic as the treatment is readily available at home.

Pfizer lab claims that Paxlovid is also effective in curing the emerging Omicron variant. However, all the researched data is not available to the public yet.

No significant side effects of the upcoming drug have been reported adding that it is highly safe for pregnant people.

Availability: Molnupiravir V/S Paxlovid

Pfizer’s clinical trials are put on hold after receiving the short-term results and have sent an application to the FDA for the emergency use authorization of the drug last month.

Meanwhile, the FDA has voted Merck’s antiviral drug Molnupiravir for the emergency use authorization but approved yet. Since both of them are antiviral pills but their working styles are way apart.

Merck’s Molnupiravir is 30% effective for the patients. Plus, the potential risk for pregnant women is still under conflict.

After authorization by FDA, if the USA wishes, it can speed up the manufacturing of Pfizer’s Paxlovid by funding it. For now, no such clues are found.

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